Basic Tips for Refreshing Any Room with Wicker Wall Baskets

wicker wall baskets

Wicker wall baskets are a great home decor solution that improves your space in many ways. Made of woven natural materials, they are both lightweight and durable. Baskets can be used for storage, displaying items, or as design accents anywhere in your home.

Whether you want more organization, to feature your collections, or to add attractive textures, wicker baskets should be considered. They are affordable and easy to style. No matter the room, wicker baskets offer versatile benefits.

By learning to leverage the multi-purpose traits of wicker, you can easily refresh rooms with minimal effort. These decorative accessories efficiently beautify and organize any space in your house. Let’s get started exploring options for putting wicker wall baskets to use throughout your home!

Benefits of Using Wicker Wall Baskets

Maximized Versatility

Wicker wall baskets provide a unique multi-purpose storage solution. Their open designs allow for the flexible organization of a wide variety of belongings from books, blankets, and plants to games, craft supplies, and more. Furthermore, you can adjust contents as needed to always keep your space customized.

wicker basket storage

Choosing the Right Wall Baskets

When shopping, consider size, material, color, and shape. Smaller baskets work well for smaller items while larger styles can hold bulkier linens or toys. Rattan is a durable wicker made from woven reed. Neutral tones like tan blend with any room or opt for bolded hues. Round, square, and oval shapes offer design flexibility.

Styling Tips for Wicker Wall Baskets

Keep baskets cohesive. Group baskets of similar sizes, materials, and colors together for visual unity. Alternately, hang baskets in patterns like linear formations or diagonals. You can also add personality by customizing plain baskets with dyes, ribbons, or flowers. Similarly, show off small decorative items by arranging them in open baskets.

Budget-Friendly Beauty

Made of naturally durable materials like rattan, seagrass, and bamboo, wicker wall baskets offer an affordable way to refresh any room’s aesthetic. Their understated textures complement all styles without breaking the bank. You can effortlessly update interior design seasonally or periodically for an evolving look.

Naturally Complementary Style

The soft woven aesthetic of wicker brings a calming, organic element to walls. Their neutral foundation pairs beautifully with various interior designs from rustic mountain charm to beachy bohemian flair. Wicker’s simplicity can help draw attention to other lavish design accents as well.

Long-Lasting Functionality

Featuring wall-mounted construction and interlaced cane, wicker baskets are robust enough to withstand daily transfers and rearranging of contents. Remaining sturdy yet light, they won’t occupy precious floor space as typical storage furniture would either. As such, these versatile items can produce years of dependable organization.

Effortless Accessory Switch-Ups

Minor adjustments such as rearranging a few choice items in wicker wall baskets allow an entirely refreshed decorative feel to emerge within any season or event. You can swiftly update the style in minutes with plants, candles, and décor already in the home. Subtle style switches regularly help living spaces feel fresh and inspiring.

different wicker baskets

Different Types of Wicker Wall Baskets

There is no shortage of shapes and silhouettes that wicker wall baskets come in. Choosing options suited to your unique storage needs and design aesthetic will help you make the most of these versatile organizers. Here are some of the most popular styles:

Classic Round Baskets

Timeless circular styles define casual coastal charm. Stack multiple graduated sizes together or hang solo for a breathtaking decorative statement. Round baskets offer maximum spatial efficiency for any belongings.

Modern Square Containers

Geometric square structures deliver sophisticated mid-century flair. Arrange in grids to define zones or enclose plants. Their clean lines pair beautifully with today’s streamlined interiors in bright hues.

Ergonomic Handled Varieties

Ambidextrous handles enable easy carrying of contents anywhere inspiration strikes. Perfect for temporary displays that rotate to various rooms and purposes. Removable décor like fresh florals is also easily accessible.

Personalized Lidded Buckets

Customizable lids on buckets protect treasures from dust or curious paws. Dress up with cloth, paper, or gemstone embellishments that suit your style. Lock in fragrances or maintain momentos in pristine condition.

wicker wall basket

Tips for Choosing and Styling Wicker Wall Baskets

Consider Dimensions

Measure wall space and height clearances beforehand. Look for baskets sized appropriately to function and complement the areas you plan to use them in.

Evaluate Hanging Method

Some baskets feature integrated cords while others require independent hanging hardware. Select baskets and hardware compatible with your wall material.

Inspect Weave Quality

Denser, tighter weaves construct baskets able to support more weight without bending or breaking. Inspect for integrity and durability.

Match Your Style

Curate a palette of textures, tones, and shapes that fit with your room’s existing style profile. Coordinate baskets for a polished, pulled-together look.

Group for Impact

Arrange in clustered gradients for visual interest. Combined silhouettes and sizes achieve more dramatic decorative impact than single baskets alone.

Factor in Function

Reserve prime wall real estate for statement baskets while utilitarian pieces serve tasks out of sight. Harmonize form with optimized practical use.

Consider Maintenance

Some wicker may require mild dusting while other varieties resist dirtier environments better. Match care needs to be placed for low-fuss enjoyment.

With methodical planning, wicker wall baskets become tailored solutions maximizing both your home’s aesthetics and functionality for years to come. 

Specifications and Considerations

There are some key specifications to take into account when choosing wicker wall baskets for your needs and home. The following table provides a quick overview of important factors to evaluate:

MaterialThe most common materials are rattan, seagrass, and bamboo. Each has its own care requirements.
DimensionsHeight x width x depth. Sizes range from small 6″ rounds to large 18″ squares or rectangles.
Weight CapacityVaries depending on the material and weave tightness. Typically 5-20 pounds.
Hanging MethodMay have built-in cords/loops or require screws/command strips/hooks.
DurabilityNatural materials can last 5-10+ years with proper care and hung properly to distribute weight.
Indoor/Outdoor UseOutdoor-safe varieties are sold for covered patios. Bring indoors before rainfall.
CleaningDust with a dry cloth. Spot clean spills. Re-oil or treat woven materials occasionally.

An overview table like this provides at-a-glance details to evaluate different basket options. It reinforces important points like materials, sizing, weight limits, and care requirements. Including a section like this can help readers make informed purchasing choices based on their home and storage needs.

Styling Wicker Wall Baskets by Room

Living Room

  • Hang a round basket near the TV to corral remotes, glasses & devices
  • Display decorative accents, books, or plants in the entryway
  • Organize kids’ toys in wicker bins above the sofa


  • Store plastic wrap, foil & baggies in the pantry
  • Hold spices on the wall above the island
  • Dry pot lids on hooks beside the stove


  • Keep jewelry & accessories in the basket over the dresser
  • Hang lidded ones on the closet door for socks & undies
  • Place small plants on either side of the bed


  • Hold extra rolls of tissue & towels beside the toilet
  • Organize makeup & brushes on the wall above the vanity
  • Hang cleaning supplies near the shower/tub area

Outdoor Space

  • Place wicker planters on the patio or deck
  • Store outdoor gear in the mudroom/laundry area
  • Hang small baskets of potpourri around the porch

By thoughtfully incorporating wicker wall baskets tailored to each function, you can bring lasting decorative charm and intuitive organization throughout your living quarters. 

Getting the Best from Wicker Wall Baskets

Wicker wall baskets are a budget-friendly and decor-enhancing addition to any room. Test different arrangements until you find placements you love. Don’t be afraid to reorganize baskets as your needs change. Most of all, have fun transforming your home’s style with the natural beauty and convenience of wicker wall baskets!