Can You Use a Wicker Magazine Racks for Books?

wicker magazine rack for books

When it comes to organizing your home, a magazine or book rack is an essential storage piece. They provide a stylish way to corral your reading materials and display them for easy access. But you may ask – can a wicker rack hold books, or is it only good for lighter magazines and papers?

Wicker racks have gained popularity recently thanks to how natural they look. Their woven texture looks great while keeping items organized. Some people worry that wicker can’t handle heavy books. Let me assure you – with the right rack, wicker is absolutely up to the task!

Key Takeaways

  • High-quality wicker magazine racks can support books due to their sturdy construction materials.
  • Rattan and bamboo options tend to be the strongest and most durable wicker types.
  • Choose a style based on the space, number of items, and aesthetic you prefer.
  • Wicker accessories come in various designs to accommodate different rooms and areas.
  • Consider the material, size, budget, and additional styling when selecting your perfect solution.

Is a Wicker Rack Sturdy Enough to Hold Books?

One concern many of you have is the weight capacity of the wicker. While it may seem delicate, high-quality wicker magazine racks are surprisingly durable. As long as you choose a rack made from thicker, tightly woven wicker, it should have no problem supporting a stack of your books. Rattan and bamboo wicker options tend to be the strongest materials.

The way wicker is constructed also contributes to its sturdiness. The strands are woven together densely for stability. So while the individual pieces may feel flexible, the completed piece is quite stable when supporting distributed weight. Many manufacturers outline the recommended weight limits, but in general, most wicker units can hold between 10-30 pounds without straining. Just be sure not to overload it.

Proper positioning can help as well. Don’t overload any single shelf or area. Distribute the weight evenly across the different spaces. You’ll also want to choose a style suitable for the number and size of books you need to store. A more open basket style may not work as well for many large books compared to a modular shelf configuration.

Wicker Racks Provide Stylish Storage

In addition to their durability, wicker racks are an attractive and eco-friendly furniture option. The natural texture of tightly woven wicker lends itself well to displaying your book and magazine collections. It creates an organic, breezy ambiance perfect for cozy reading nooks. You’ll love how the soft details complement a variety of interior styles too.

The material is also quite durable. Since wicker pieces are made from fast-growing, renewable resources like bamboo or rattan, you can feel good about your sustainable home decor choice. With proper care, a quality wicker rack can stand up to daily use for many years.

Wicker Racks Fit In Any Reading Nook

Wicker magazine racks are so versatile because they can fit into any space. Whether you’re working from home or snuggled on the couch, there are several chic spots to display your rack:

  • As a Coffee Table Display: A rectangular or basket-style piece pairs perfectly with your living room furniture. Keep your favorites within easy view.
  • On the Nightstand: By the bed, a small round or square piece holds novels, planners, and light reading.
  • Home Office: Freshen up your work-from-home environment with an airy basket on the corner of your desk or an adjacent shelf.
  • Kids’ Room: Young ones stay organized for homework and bedtime stories with a kids-sized wall-mounted piece. Opt for durable wicker.
  • Outdoor Patio: Hardy all-weather wicker keeps magazines safe by the lounge chairs or patio table.

Choosing the Right Wicker Rack Design

When shopping for a wicker rack, you’ll find various styles to suit different areas. Here are some popular options in more detail:

  • Wall-Mounted: These space-saving units free up floor space by hanging vertically on the wall. Some have multiple horizontal dividers to organize magazines by topic or date. Wall-mounted units lend an architectural element and come in small to large sizes. Just be sure your wall can support the weight.
  • Freestanding: Tower-style units stand on their own for flexible placement anywhere. Modular shelves or baskets allow you to customize the configuration. Taller versions offer abundant organized storage. Freestanding units also come with wheels for mobility, which is handy when tidying.
  • Basket-Style: With their casual yet classic charms, baskets are a popular freestanding choice. Interwoven designs cradle magazines or books with a relaxed vibe. Their open design works well for smaller collections too. Baskets easily pair with furniture for a living room.
  • Shelving Units: For maximum storage, multi-level shelving units housed in a wicker frame hold the most books, binders, and magazines. Adjustable shelves ensure a perfect customizable fit. Just be aware of a larger footprint.

Comparing Popular Wicker Rack Styles

StyleCommon MaterialsWeight CapacityBest LayoutsBest For
Wall-MountedRattan, Bamboo5-15 lbsZig-zag, dividersTight spaces, defined décor areas
FreestandingRattan, Reed10-30 lbsModular, basketsRooms with mobility flexibility
BasketWillow, rattan5-10 lbsN/ACouches, chairs for smaller piles
ShelvingBamboo, reed20-50 lbs+Align against wallsOrganizing large collections

Wicker Rack Material Types

When choosing your wicker rack, the material used will determine its look and longevity. Here’s more on the most common options:

Rattan – Woven from rattan palm vines, this classic material results in a tight, sturdy weave. Rattan maintains its shape over time and stands up well for daily use. It requires minimal upkeep and comes in natural shades of brown.

Bamboo – Strong yet flexible, bamboo is ecologically sustainable. Its smooth texture and tones of gray/green blend well in modern spaces. Due to its resilience, bamboo can last for years with proper care.

Reed – Woven to have an open, airy design, reed lends a relaxed seaside charm. It comes in sandy hues but may yellow quicker than other materials. Reed needs re-treatment occasionally to maintain its soft finish.

Willow – With its flexible properties, willow creates beautifully textured basket-style weaves. Add seasonal blossoms for a natural pop of color. However, willow demands more maintenance to prevent cracking.

Budget-Friendly Wicker Rack Options

Just because you want an affordable piece doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Here are some wallet-friendly ideas:

  • Shop sales and import stores for discounted natural-weave racks. You’d be surprised what you can find!
  • Evaluate Ikea, Amazon, or discount home stores. They often have basics like baskets or simple shelf racks for under $50.
  • Consider thrifting – rescued wicker can be sanded and sealed or stained for a unique vintage look.
  • DIY your own! Weave affordable reed, willow, or rattan around a frame. You’ll save substantially.

Pairing Wicker Racks with Furniture

When styling your wicker rack, don’t forget about complementing surrounding furniture pieces. Wicker complements both modern and traditional aesthetics:

  • Next to wood: Wicker pairs beautifully with warm wood tones like teak, oak, or mahogany. Choose a similar wicker material.
  • Besides metallic: Brushed metals, chrome, and iron all create lovely layered visuals when grouped with wicker.
  • Near other textures: Soft jute, seagrass, and rattan furniture play nicely off wicker’s texture.

Properly styling your rack placement creates flowing vignettes. Consider the furniture material and your wicker choice in unison.