Popular Styles, Materials, Colors, and Combinations for Wicker Furniture

wicker furniture

Wicker furniture remains a classic part of home décor thanks to its natural appeal and resilient construction. Whether furnishing an outdoor patio, living room, or expansive backyard retreat, wicker provides beautiful seating, tables, and accents for any taste or budget.

Its sustainable woven structure imbues furniture with graceful lightness, suitable for relaxed indoor and al fresco settings. Subtle silhouettes complement modern spaces while vintage coastal styles blend perfectly.

Selecting from serene tones and vibrant hues ensures coordinating pieces blend seamlessly. Wicker also effortlessly incorporates companion furnishings to establish polished looks. Intricate weaves complement clean lines in expressing individual flair.

Popular wicker types will be explored alongside customizing aesthetics and maximizing comfort. Uncover wicker’s inherent qualities for inspiration as maintenance best practices are shared to protect your investment in furniture that enhances indoor and outdoor living for years to come.

Popular Styles of Wicker Furniture

Wicker Patio Furniture Sets

Wicker patio furniture sets typically include essential seating pieces like sofas, loveseats, and chairs. Their lightweight construction makes them ideal for outdoor spaces. Sets are available in traditional and modern designs to suit diverse décor preferences.

Wicker patio furniture sets are a popular choice for furnishing patios and decks. A typical set will include sofas, loveseats, and chairs made of woven material like rattan or bamboo. The light and airy construction of wicker makes these sets very portable and easy to rearrange in outdoor spaces. Homeowners can choose from traditional and modern designs to complement their existing outdoor aesthetic. Wicker sets are available in neutral earth tones as well as bright pop colors to suit varied tastes.

wicker furniture

Rounded Wicker Furniture

Rounded wicker furniture adds a casual, beachy vibe. Its curves create a relaxing ambiance. Round designs are projected to grow in popularity in 2023 according to furniture trend forecasts.

Rounded wicker furniture is a modern take on the classic wicker look. By featuring gently curved silhouettes rather than the traditional angular designs, rounded wicker evokes feelings of lightness, ease, and relaxation. Its smooth, uninterrupted curves mimic the natural flow of waves or rolling landscapes. Furniture trend experts predict rounded wicker will become even more prevalent in the coming year as homeowners continue gravitating towards comfortable outdoor pieces with organic, rounded edges. Whether chairs, sofas, or accent tables, rounded wicker is a trend-forward option for amping up any outdoor or indoor space.

Wicker Chairs

Wicker chairs offer great versatility with styles like rocking chairs, loungers, and standard seating chairs. Their flexibility makes them suitable for multiple indoor and outdoor settings.

Wicker chairs are a wardrobe staple for any home. Their versatility comes from the variety of silhouettes available, like rocking chairs, loungers, and standard chairs. Rocking chairs provide a soothing motion, loungers offer supreme relaxation, and standard chairs provide proper back support. Beyond the shape, wicker chairs are also flexible furniture because their lightweight construction allows placement in various indoor and outdoor areas. This makes wicker chairs a repository option for living rooms, home offices, sunrooms, covered patios, and more. Whether pulling up a wicker chair to the kitchen table or the outdoor fire pit, these essential seating accents complete any room.

Wicker Sofas

Wicker sofas expand seating options. Available in full, loveseat, and miniature sizes, they provide comfortable indoor seating. Their diverse designs complement modern and traditional interiors.

Similarly, wicker sofas bring the comfort of upholstered furniture to outdoor spaces and lightweight indoor areas. Likewise, traditional upholstered seating and wicker sofas come in full, loveseat, and miniature sizes to accommodate different furniture arrangements. Beyond sizing, wicker sofa designs range from traditional to modern styles to seamlessly blend into any interior decor scheme. Popular wicker sofa patterns include tightly woven rattan for a tailored look or loosely woven reed granting a relaxed feel. Their natural materials paired with plush seats and back cushions provide an oasis for lounging inside or outside. Homeowners can furnish large indoor-outdoor rooms or porches with these comfortable yet gracious wicker seating selections.

Wicker Coffee Tables

Wicker coffee tables are a stylish addition to any living space. Shaped like rectangles, ovals, and rounds, they are durable for high-traffic areas. Their plexiglass tops protect surfaces.

Wicker coffee tables make a versatile addition to living rooms, sunrooms, outdoor seating areas, and more. Their frames come in various shapes that include traditional rectangles as well as organic ovals and rounds. These stylish silhouettes allow wicker coffee tables to seamlessly fit into modern or traditional aesthetics. Made of weather-resistant wicker, they stand up to high-traffic indoor or outdoor use. Clear glass tops protect the wicker from water rings and scratches while preserving views of the surrounding décor. Whether hosting friends for coffee outdoors or wheeling a wicker table into a home office, its versatility makes it a staple accessory for any room.

Exotic Shapes

Wicker furniture with eye-catching silhouettes like daybeds and lamps helps to enhance the visual appeal of a space. Similarly, their unique designs make bold decorative statements.

Additionally, beyond typical seating and tables, wicker expresses creativity through one-of-a-kind silhouettes. Likewise, daybeds convert lounging areas into miniature sleeping nooks, and lamps infuse lighting with organic texture. These sculptural pieces entice the eyes and spark the imagination. Curvy daybeds shoved beneath trees beckon afternoon naps, while wicker-clad lamps bestow warm glows. Such standout furnishings encourage owners to rethink a room’s atmosphere. Exotic shapes back boldlanders, welcoming experimentation beyond standard furnishings. They permit one to indulge artistic whims and visually energize any area with curvaceous statement pieces.

Popular Materials Used for Wicker Furniture


Rattan is a natural material sourced from climbing palm vines. It is a very popular choice for indoor wicker furniture due to its lightweight and resilient properties. Rattan is easy to work with and allows for intricate weaving patterns. The smooth texture and neutral colors of rattan create a relaxed aesthetic that blends seamlessly into living spaces.


While technically a grass, bamboo functions similarly to wood and is often used interchangeably with the term in furniture construction. It is exceptionally strong and durable, making it well-suited for outdoor wicker pieces that endure weather exposure. Some homeowners also enjoy bamboo’s modern farmhouse aesthetic for indoor living and dining areas.


Reed lends an airy, flexible quality preferred for chair seats, backs, and small accent pieces. Originally utilized for basket weaving, reed furniture creates a natural flowing appearance. Its lightweight feel suits tranquil indoor settings and breezy outdoor nooks. Over time, the reed may develop small cracks like a well-loved baseball mitt but can be easily re-woven for lasting charm.


Willow possesses natural springiness well-suited for outdoor wicker pieces subjected to the weather. Its pliable caning bounces back into shape after pressure, unlike more brittle materials. Cottage charm characterizes willow furnishings whether adorning a front porch or backyard chill area. The versatile material provides durable frames for chairs, swings, and planters.

Synthetic Resin

Synthetic resin mimics natural fiber textures through an engineered material durable against sunlight fading and stains. Resin furniture retains its integrity in damp or salty environments like bamboo. Manufacturers offer a variety of resin weaves resembling rattan, stick, or wicker pattern options. Its low maintenance qualities attract residents with busy urban lifestyles.


Rot-resistant plastic wicker provides an affordable, lightweight alternative for casual entertaining or kids’ play. Outdoor plastics withstand water damage or cracking better than natural materials. Their simulated textures from intricate braids to basic coils suit contemporary style. Easy cleaning of dried spills allows plastic furnishings to be enjoyed carefree.

Popular Colors for Wicker Furniture

Wicker pieces come in a rainbow of hues to suit any palette. While natural wools remain top sellers, bright shades are growing in popularity:

Natural & Neutrals

Earthy neutrals like beige, gray, and taupe blend invisibly with nature. Wicker stained in deeper coffee or tobacco adopts a sophisticated rustic tone. These understated shades camouflage dirt and leaves while accenting landscaping. Distressed details like “Greystone” add vintage character.

Bright Colors

Vibrant blues, reds, and greens awaken dull spaces with energy. Citrus yellows and corals spread good cheer. Metallic and iridescent finishes reflect their surroundings with shimmer. Bright hues allow wicker to stand out instead of receding into the background during parties and events. Some homeowners swap cushions seasonally to refresh the look.


For a playful circus theme, multicolored wicker strands twist together in a dizzying color display. Additionally, modern solids and tweeds mingle in ombré or houndstooth fashions. Whimsical designs fit eclectic contemporary homes where no pop should be missed. Their lively colors, spanning from pastels to neons, unleash creativity for arranging.

Popular Color Combinations for Wicker Furniture Cushions

Choosing coordinating cushion colors is key to pulling a wicker seating arrangement together into a cohesive, stylish look. Here are some of the most versatile and visually appealing combinations:

  • Pastels and Whites – Pale shades like mint, light blue, blush pink, and off-white create a soothing blend that feels fresh and relaxing. They work well with natural wicker tones.
  • Grey and White – Neutral grey and cream or ivory cushions are a crisp, modern classic that elegantly pairs with wicker of any hue. The greyscale palette is very versatile.
  • Primary Colors – Bright blocks of red, blue, and yellow cushions pop punch against brown, tan, or black wicker, infusing bold energy. Choose one primary shade to anchor the look.
  • Black, Red, and Grey – A dramatic mix with moody appeal, where plush red cushions offset black and charcoal for visual interest. Sleek and sophisticated.
  • Desert-Inspired Hues – Earthy ochre, sienna, sand, and camel tones evoke the warm palette of the Southwest. Pair with rattan or bamboo wicker.
  • Burgundy and Cream – Rich burgundy cushions lend depth and flair to wicker, while light beige offers a neutral base. A lush autumnal combination.
  • Green and Blue – Calming teal, azure, and moss shades anchored by wicker suit resort-style and tropical settings. Elevate coastal vibes.
  • Bold Rainbow – For maximal vivid color, juxtapose cushions in every bright shade imaginable. Eclectic and eye-catching.

Wicker Furniture Maintenance Guide

Maintenance TaskFrequencyTips and Instructions
CleaningMonthlyUse a mild detergent and a soft brush or cloth to remove dust and dirt. Rinse thoroughly and let it dry.
Seasonal StorageAnnuallyStore wicker furniture in a dry and covered area during the off-season to prevent damage from weather exposure.
Repairing DamageAs neededAddress any loose or broken wicker strands promptly using adhesive or replacement material.
Sun ProtectionDailyUse UV-protective coatings or covers to shield wicker furniture from sun damage.
Pest PreventionRegularlyRegularly inspect and treat wicker furniture for pests like termites or ants.
Cushion CareAs neededClean or replace cushions regularly to maintain comfort and aesthetics.

Wicker Furniture Buying Guide

BudgetDetermine your budget range for wicker furniture, including accessories and cushions.
SpaceMeasure your indoor or outdoor space to ensure the furniture fits comfortably.
Style PreferencesList your preferred wicker furniture styles and color schemes.
Material SelectionDecide on natural or synthetic wicker, considering durability and weather resistance.
Cushion OptionsExplore cushion materials and color choices that complement your design.
Brand ResearchResearch reputable wicker furniture brands known for quality and customer satisfaction.
Maintenance NeedsAssess your willingness and ability to maintain and care for wicker furniture.
WarrantyCheck for warranties offered by manufacturers for added peace of mind.