All About Wicker Blanket Baskets

wicker blanket basket

Wicker blanket baskets are multi-purpose home accessories that provide functional storage and visual appeal. Skillfully handcrafted from long-lasting, natural fibers like wicker, rattan, or bamboo, these containers lend themselves to versatile arrangement and organization across diverse interior spaces. Whether kept in the living room, bedroom, or finished basement, exploring the construction and qualities of wicker blanket baskets sheds light on how they enhance functionality and aesthetics for any home.

  • Wicker, rattan and bamboo materials provide durable yet flexible construction that stands up to repeated use over many years.
  • An array of woven patterns – from classic herringbone to modern geometric styles – suit any interior design aesthetics.
  • Customization lets owners personalize baskets through techniques like monogramming, dyeing, or added accessories.
  • Adjustable sizing from small to large baskets accommodates different storage needs and item volumes.
  • Protective linings shield delicate contents from potential wear and accumulation of dirt or debris.
  • Compartmentalization and separators within baskets facilitate organized, easy-to-find storage of items.
  • Portability enables convenient relocation of baskets based on changing storage needs.
  • Proper cleaning maintains the attractive appearance of wicker against the buildup of dirt or odors over time.
  • Compared to alternatives, wicker balances visual appeal, durability, and environmental sustainability attributes.

Why Choose Wicker for Blanket Storage?

Quality and Durability

Wicker blanket baskets are built to withstand heavy usage over extended periods. Furthermore, their foundations are skillfully woven using rugged yet attractive materials like wicker, rattan, and bamboo chosen for their strength and flexibility. Reinforced bases and handles ensure stability and resilience against weight, wear, and tear. Regular handling doesn’t compromise the natural materials, maintaining longevity through years of repeated storage.

Maintaining Form

The close-knit textures retain their figure whether occupied or vacant. Folding occupies minimal space without harming pliability. Gentle steaming revives shape loss from visits in the attic or garage. The woven composition holds dimensions well without archival wrapping. Appearances come back bright with simple care between assignments.

Versatile Functions

Past covering conveniences, adjustable arrangements answer numerous organizational necessities around the home. Compartments or covers authorize the division of goods while aesthetically pleasing designs meld into various interior styles. Mobility through carriers fits rapid access storage wherever conditions are tight.

Aesthetic Appeal

Complementing functionality stands for visual charm. Natural shades and typical silhouettes fit discreetly into any arrangement. Subtle surfaces include visual engagement without overpowering a space. Warmth spreads while valuing floor area. Graceful patterns please the senses.

Effective Use of Wicker Blanket Baskets

Well-suited capacity for belongings prevents disarray. Furthermore, rectangular or square forms benefit assignment and finding. Liners shelter fabrics from damage and dirt collection. Smaller containers enhance organized categorization. Lids or tops shield from dust and complete looks. Mobility serves as convenient transportation. Placement as coffee tables reimagines uses.

Size and Shape

Choosing a fitting capacity for the intended contents prevents disarray. Rectangular or square designs optimize the efficient allocation of space within the basket and ease of visually scanning and finding specific items quickly. Larger rectangular baskets suit fulsome bedding storage, while compact squares sort accessories conveniently.


Properly lining the base and interior walls of the basket with a durable cloth or paper material shields more delicate fabrics like blankets and throws from potential harm, snagging, or discoloration from direct contact with the woven wicker texture. A protective barrier also prevents the accumulation of dirt and dust within the enclosed space that comes with repeated use and handling over time.


For complex assortments, smaller additional baskets or divided containers nested within a larger primary basket improve systematically categorized partitioning of items. Consequently, this escalates rapid visual access and straightforward arrangement of belongings. Dividers lend clear separation between layers for enhanced organization.

Lid or Cover

A sturdy, form-fitting lid shields the basket contents from accumulating dust while also completing the design aesthetically. With a flat-topped design, the basket alternatively transforms into a portable coffee table or ottoman simply by removing the lid, expanding its functional versatility.


The decorative style and texture of wicker baskets make them natural focal point elements when positioned in high-traffic living areas. Their beauty complements and brings visual interest to the overall interior design scheme and decor themes wherever placed.


Substantial handles of durable construction allow convenient hand-carrying or repositioning of the basket and its contents throughout a home with ease. Portability escapes confinement to a single location.

Potential Downsides of Using Wicker Blanket Baskets

Absorb Moisture and Odors

The absorbent natural materials used in wicker construction are prone to retaining moisture from humidity or accidental liquid spills. Additionally, this constant exposure can cause the basket to take on lingering unpleasant smells that are difficult to fully remove. Thorough drying and regular ventilation are important to prevent odor build-up in the porous weave.

Difficulty in Cleaning

Dense, complex weaving leaves few openings between strands, making it challenging to reach into tight crevices with a cloth or vacuum attachment to remove embedded dirt, dust, and debris. Likewise, surface grime can become ingrained if not addressed promptly. Regular gentle cleaning is required to maintain an attractive appearance.

Risk of Overcrowding

Stuffing a wicker basket past its intended capacity results in contents being misshapen, makes individual retrieval tedious, and promotes a harried, unsorted visual. Space is important for an organized aesthetic and straightforward access.

Limited Storage Capacity

Compared to rigid plastic tubs, fabric trunks, or woven baskets with expandable sides, the fixed dimensions of traditional wicker models may provide insufficient interior space for bulky bedding like comforters or seasonal garments. Alternative solutions would be needed to fully contain large volumes.

Unsuitability for Certain Items

Nimble wicker is exceptionally vulnerable to punctures and breaks from pointed stationary office supplies, sports equipment, heavy books, or tools. Placing unsupported weight inside risks long-term structural damage through small fractures in the plant material.

How Do Wicker Blanket Baskets Compare to Other Storage Options

AttributeWicker Blanket BasketsPlastic Storage BasketsWooden Crates
Aesthetic AppealStylish natural textures that add warmth and visual interest to a space.A more straightforward functional design that may not complement decorative themes as seamlessly.The vintage style adds character in a rustic, retro appeal.
DurabilityWoven from flexible yet robust plant fibers to withstand periodic use and handling.Potentially susceptible to cracking or breaking over extended usage.Long-lasting if kept dry and protected from environmental elements.
Environmental ImpactRenewable materials from sustainable sources that biodegrade without harmful waste.Produced from non-renewable petroleum components that contribute to landfill waste.Potential for reclaimed wood that reduces waste from discarded crates.
VersatilityAdaptable designs integrate well into living areas as attractive furniture pieces.Emphasis on practicality with less diverse display potential.Limited versatility beyond storage due to constraints of crate design.
Initial CostGenerally higher priced due to handcrafted construction techniques.More affordable mass-produced without intricate labor requirements.Moderate to high cost depending on the quality of wood and craftsmanship.
CleaningIntricate weaving can trap debris and require more effort to sanitize thoroughly.Smooth surfaces are easily wiped down for quick sanitization.May harbor dirt/debris in wood grains requiring deeper cleaning.
PortabilityHeavier plant materials add weight that reduces mobility for frequent relocation.Lightweight construction moves nimbly from place to place.Awkward size and wood weight hamper easy portability.
Durability in MoistureAbsorbent natural fibers are prone to degrading when wet.Durable moisture-resistant design withstands damp conditions like bathrooms.Performance depends on proper sealing/treatment, but wood deserves over time.

Wicker Blanket Basket Designs

Classic Woven Patterns

Traditional basket weaving is a classic interlacing technique that adds subtle natural texture to any basket. Moreover, the herringbone braiding results in a delicate chevron pattern that brings visual interest. A diamond weave creates a more geometric charm through its use of small lozenge shapes woven throughout the material. These vintage styles never go out of fashion.

Modern Geometric Designs

Distinct triangle, hexagon or wave textures impart contemporary flair through the use of striking angular motifs or flowing curves. These adventurous patterns make a design statement while maintaining the handcrafted quality of wicker. Unconventional experimentation shakes up expected norms.

Customizable Options

Monogramming, dyeing, or customized attachments allow customers to make a basket uniquely their own. Similarly, adding woven initials, vibrant hues or tailored wraps offers a personal home gift. Bespoke details reflect individual flair at any budget level.

Seasonal and Festive Designs

For certain occasions, dazzling seasonal styles captivate. Holiday prints, celebratory colors, or nature-inspired motifs set a festive ambiance. Floral hearts evoke romance, while autumnal leaves a sense of coziness. These designed matched festivities exude the right sentiments.

Customization unleashes endless possibilities for self-expression. Traditional or novelty, classic Craftsmanship marries design diversity across any interior palette.

wicker blanket basket

Final Considerations

In reviewing the core attributes and uses of wicker blanket baskets, several aspects deserve highlighting. Their construction from woven natural fibers provides resilience against wear while integrating seamlessly into living spaces. Variable sizing meets the breadth of storage needs, and protective linings safeguard contents. Organization through compartmentalization optimizes functionality.

Customization broadens ownership through personal flourishes like monogramming or dyeing. Furthermore, mobility supplies flexibility as interiors evolve. Regular cleaning sustains aesthetics over the long run. Comparison against alternative storage options illuminates Wicker’s blend of visual charm and environmental consciousness. With care, these baskets serve productively for many years ahead.

Overall, exploring wicker blanket baskets’ traits sheds light on why they offer multidimensional, renewable solutions commendable for any home. Their capacity to store, organize, and enhance living areas through customizable designs makes a strong case for consideration.