Tips on How to Decorate Wicker Baskets For Weddings

wedding baskets for weddings

Whether you use wicker baskets for weddings as unique centerpieces bursting with floral arrangements or overflowing as blessing boxes holding small favors, wicker baskets are extremely versatile containers that can be transformed into charming wedding accents. Their organic curves and natural texture of wicker lend themselves to complementing various aesthetics from rustic to boho chic.

With some DIY crafting and decoration focused on arranging wicker baskets, plain woven containers can truly shine. Through creative filling and draping techniques, humble baskets are enhanced to reflect your romantic love story. By decorating baskets for your ceremony and reception décor, guests will discover your wedding’s personal style in these charming rustic details.

The possibilities are endless for incorporating handmade wicker baskets throughout your big day. Centerpieces, favors, seating accents – these woven wonders are the perfect earthy canvas to showcase your wedding personality. Guests are sure to be delighted!

Key Takeaways

  • Wicker baskets provide versatile containers and lend a rustic tone as part of your wedding decor
  • Decorations like ribbons, greenery, candles, and flowers easily dress up plain baskets
  • Incorporate the colors from your wedding color palette into the basket decorations
  • Baskets that have lids allow more options for displaying items during the reception
  • Wrapping jute rope or twine around baskets adds a natural, earthy finish

Basket Centerpieces

Transforming wicker baskets into unique centerpieces is a creative way to incorporate natural decor elements into your reception tablescapes. Their organic cradled shapes provide visual interest when filled with blooms or glowing tea lights. Woven baskets double as functional holders that tie bridal party seating arrangements together through repeated motifs. With intentional styling choices, centered baskets can become the rustic focal point elevating each table setting. Floral arrangements, coordinated accents and candlelight strategically placed take plain bushels and turn them into highlight pieces reflecting your wedding vibe.

Basket Styles Comparison Chart

Basket StyleDescriptionbest uses
Oval Bushel BasketBraided oval shape, flat sides. Medium-sized.Centerpiece arrangements, favor bundles.
Round Hamper BasketCircular shape, and a sturdy base. Holds most filler.Large centerpiece, seating escort card display.
Rectangular Trug BasketLong rectangular shape, raised sides.Linear centerpiece down table center, favor/food transport
Lidded Woven BasketVarious shapes have securely fitting lids. Holes or solid.Transporting arrangements, hiding/revealing favors inside
Pedestal BasketTall legs elevate the basket off the surface.A standalone centerpiece, aisle decor placed on chairs.
Handle Carry BasketOpen top, side carrying handles.Transporting favors home for guests.

Decorating With Flowers And Greenery

By selecting blooms and foliage that fit your visual tone, hand-tied arrangements in wicker baskets elevate the natural elements as the star. Ethereal bouquets of peonies, hydrangeas, and baby’s breath spread a romantic feel. Pairing lush greenery like eucalyptus ferns and pampas grass cultivates a sense of intimate nature. Placing taller stems inward with graduated heights tapering out curates layers of organic texture.

Considering size, bloom type and texture differences ensure balanced visual allure. Grouping blooms in harmony supports your wedding’s palette. Incorporating shades you adore that appear elsewhere ties the space together under your stylistic thread. Rustic centerpieces like these make a statement while complementing any venue’s existing aesthetic.

Adding Candles

Beyond their intrinsic warm glow, candles become focal points elevating wicker baskets’ decor. Strategic placement transforms simple weavings into enchanting vignettes.

Tea lights popping up among filling florals spread an ethereal sparkle. Glass votive holders brimming like fireflies appearing and disappearing as guests mingle lend magic. For longer-lasting illumination, slender pillar candles stand as dignified guide eyes.

Waterproof tin buckets make rustic receptacles protecting open flames. Clustered arrangements cast dancing shadows. Battery-powered alternatives provide the same glowing effect minus safety concerns. Tuck battery tea lights deep beneath petals allowing their steady radiance to illuminate natural beauty after sunset.

Handling vinegar-soaked cotton wicks minimizes risk near organic materials. Burn time matters less than the tender glow candles lend enhancing your centerpieces’ romantic allure. Their cozy warmth cultivates a comfortable atmosphere.

Draping With Ribbon

Decorative ribbon further customizes wicker baskets with style. Firstly, experimenting with textures and colors tied alongside natural elements appropriately lends a gorgeous accent.

Similarly, winding wide grosgrain ribbon repeatedly provides a sturdy foundation. Moreover, overlapping thinner organza ribbons additionally allow layering multiple metallic shades bringing luxurious flair. Likewise, tying overlapping loops of satin or plain jute string cascading down the basket’s face suitably forms a soft frill.

Consequently, learning bow craft correspondingly lets ribbon finish each masterpiece with signature flair. For instance, simple bows utilize one color, but alternatively combine hues within each loop up elegance. Correspondingly, let long ends trail charmingly.

Whether wrapped as a middle waist or tied atop the handle, ribbon shapes each piece uniquely. Thus, its flowing fullness softly shapes bushels’ angles into gracious curves. Furthermore, accent colors pulled from your floral palette tie decor cohesively into the surrounding wedding aesthetic. Overall, give these centerpieces sweet dimensionality through creative draping with ribbon.

Including Personal Touches

Personalized elements further enhance rustic centerpieces. Initially, slip a card tucked under twine listing your name and wedding date, thereby providing a keepsake memento for attendants. Likewise, press delicate flowers representative of your relationship – like sunflowers for joy or daisies for innocence. Subsequently, handwrite well wishes or a special message on parchment tucked discreetly inside baskets. Consequently, these small additions imbue your handcrafted centerpieces with a heartfelt charm that guests will fondly treasure for years to come.

Basket Styles

Not all wicker baskets are one-size-fits-all for centerpieces. Considerations like size, shape, and handle placement tailor each to specific needs.

Oval-braided bushels nestle flower bouquets perfectly while circular hampers provide optimal space for candles. Taller trugs lend linear visual flow.

Lids allow easy transporting of centerpieces from the kitchen to cocktail hour. Choose some woven with holes for glancing inside or pick solid tops hiding small gifts.

Carry baskets suited to favors feature open tops and side handles. Pedestal baskets stand independently with tall feet showcasing arrangements on their own.

Mixing basket silhouettes adds visual appeal. Style coordinating shapes together at each table for a unified aesthetic. Let individualistic weavings contribute a charming personality to your special event.

Understanding basket styles maximizes versatility for any event element from florals to favors. Craft coordinating displays that fit your unique vision.

Storing Favors or Gifts

Wicker baskets make cheerful containers for presenting small wedding keepsakes too. Their organic beauty emphasizes favors as special tokens rather than obligations.

Carry Baskets

Open-top woven carry baskets with side handles allow easy transporting of favor prototypes like cookies or mini bouquets. Guests appreciate hauling home little bundles afterward in the rustic vessels.

Lined Baskets

A pretty patterned lining paper placed inside plain baskets prevents crumbs and maintains neatness. Coordinating the liner paper’s colors continues your wedding palette’s visual storytelling.

Twine Accents

For a casual vibe suited to rustic or bohemian weddings, loosely bundle twine or jute string into the basket bottom before filling. The eclectic overflowing look feels artisanal.

A card tucked under the twine listing your name and wedding date provides a unique souvenir. Display favor baskets beautifully at escort tables for sampling and then joyfully sharing. Their charming presence enhances any reception’s welcoming spirit.

Creative Wicker Basket For Wedding Favor & Gift Ideas

Basket IdeaSample FillingDescription
Favor BasketsHoney jars, soaps, succulentsFilled mini baskets as take-home thank-you gifts for all guests.
Bridal Party GiftsSnacks, treats, small giftsLarger baskets curated with favorite items to thank bridal party members.
Destination FavorsBeach essentials, trail mixBaskets or bags filled with travel sized items personalized to wedding location.
Welcome BasketsMaps, snacks, greetingDecorated baskets at guest check-in containing welcome materials.
Escort Card DisplayWeighted paper, ribbonsFilled baskets showing escort cards doubled as decorative centerpieces.