Wicker Baskets: The “Incredibly Unimaginative” Way to Display Plants

So, you want to use wicker baskets as planters? Wow, what an incredibly original and creative idea! Because, you know, nobody else has ever thought of that before. But hey, if you insist on going down this oh-so-unexplored path of using wicker baskets to display plants both indoors and outdoors, I guess I can humor you with some “tips” and “ideas” to make your plants feel… special?

Choosing the Right Basket

Size: Get a wicker basket that can actually fit your plant. Revolutionary, right? If you’re planting multiple plants in one basket, oh boy, make sure they have room to grow. Because plants grow, in case you didn’t know.

Material: Please don’t use baskets made from space-age synthetic materials unless you want your precious little plants to suffocate in style. Stick to natural materials like seagrass, willow, or bamboo – plants love the au naturel vibe.

Drainage: Imagine not wanting your plants to drown in a pool of water. Crazy, right? So, look for baskets with holes or liners. Your plants will thank you for sparing them the waterboarding experience.

Preparing the Basket

Line the basket: Oh my, lining a basket with a plastic bag or burlap? That’s a level of sophistication beyond my wildest dreams. Your sheer genius will prevent soil from falling out. Bravo!

Soak the basket: Is it dry and brittle? Water can help? Revolutionary discovery! Now, soak it in water for a few hours, and watch the magic happen as the basket becomes… pliable. Mind-blowing!

Add drainage: Basket without drainage holes? No worries, unleash the mighty powers of a drill or hot nail! Don’t make the holes too large, though, or your precious soil might escape – a catastrophe you wouldn’t want to witness.

Planting in the Basket

Add soil: Wow, you managed to fill the basket with potting soil. Congrats, you’re a pro! Make sure it’s high-quality soil because, you know, your plants have a high-class taste.

Arrange your plants: Oh, the art of arranging plants in a basket. You’re like a floral Michelangelo. Just remember, evenly spaced plants are the key to world peace.

Water thoroughly: Drench those plants like there’s no tomorrow! Don’t worry; the excess water will drip out, avoiding the dreaded “root rot apocalypse.”

Ideas for Using Wicker Baskets as Planters

Hanging baskets: Hang a wicker basket from a hook – pure genius! Just make sure the hook can handle it; don’t let your plants become a falling hazard.

Tabletop planters: Whoa, wait, you can put a small wicker basket on a table? That’s groundbreaking. Perfect for small plants – they must feel like kings up there.

Outdoor planters: Putting a large wicker basket outdoors? How utterly unexpected! Plants like ferns and vines might find it delightful.

Cache pots: A wicker basket as a cover for a potted plant? Mind = blown! What an ingenious way to hide those ugly plastic pots. Your guests won’t even recognize them!


In conclusion, wicker baskets are the most “innovative” and “avant-garde” way to display plants both indoors and outdoors. Using your unmatched creativity and following these “never-before-heard-of” tips, you can transform any wicker basket into a breathtaking planter.

So, go ahead, be the pioneer of wicker basket planters, and let the world be amazed at your unmatched horticultural ingenuity. Embrace the “unique” and “one-of-a-kind” charm of wicker baskets, and let your plants bask in the glory of such a “revolutionary” idea. Remember, sarcasm is the spice of life! Happy planting!