Why Wicker Basket Coffee Tables Are Taking Over Living Rooms

wicker basket coffee table as centerpiece

Tired of the same coffee table? Forgo fancy for a natural woven wonder – the wicker basket coffee table. These textural accents have taken social feeds by storm with joyful living room vignettes. Piles of books and blooms peeking out of baskets lend a light, inviting feel.

As we seek unique yet affordable updates, wicker’s popularity grows. Crafted from renewable rattan or bamboo, they fit eco-style too. Best of all, wicker seamlessly suits coastal to modern interiors without compromise.

Discover wicker baskets’ full potential in this guide. Explore furniture pairings and care tips to maintain their beauty. Then, see styling tricks like using baskets as bar displays or nook libraries for effortless transformation. Let woven rattan wonders breathe new life into your space.

Why Wicker Basket Coffee Tables Are So Popular

One of the main draws of Wicker is its natural beauty. Woven from plant materials like rattan, wicker adds visual interest with a unique texture. No two baskets are alike due to organic shapes and color variations.

Beyond aesthetics, wicker basket coffee tables boast versatility. Their eclectic look suits both farmhouse and modern interiors. Accessories allow one basket to fit casual or polished styles.

Functionality also appeals. Most baskets provide useful storage underneath corral blankets, books, and magazines. This keeps surfaces clutter-free while adding decorative touches.

Perhaps most importantly, wicker baskets offer affordability as coffee and side tables. Their attractive handmade quality belies reasonable pricing versus wood furniture. This makes wicker refreshing on a budget.

Benefits of Using Wicker in Home Décor

Adds a touch of farmhouse charm to any space:

Wicker is often associated with farmhouse-style decor. Adding wicker elements like a basket coffee table instantly adds rustic warmth and charm. The natural textures of wicker furniture create a cozy atmosphere.

Provides a natural and eco-friendly option:

Using wicker in decor is aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. Wicker is made from sustainable materials like rattan or bamboo, making it a great choice for eco-conscious living spaces.

Complements various design styles, from vintage to modern:

One advantage of wicker is its versatility. Wicker pieces can complement any style, from vintage to contemporary. Whether traditional or modern, wicker effortlessly adds character and depth to a home’s interior.

How to Use Wicker Basket Coffee Tables in Your Living Room

One popular interior design trick uses a large solo wicker basket as a living room focal point. Placed before the sofa, its woven texture and tones serve as a warm, natural centerpiece.

For larger rooms, stack two or more baskets in varying sizes atop one another to improvise a coffee table. The nested heights provide zoning for magazines, coasters, and remotes.

A traditional take pairs a wicker basket underneath glass or wood to hide clutter while showing off details. The elevated surface creates space underneath for storing items.

Wicker baskets also charm as side tables, especially in tighter spaces. Try one on each side of an armchair for within-reach drinks and décor. Their portability adds flexibility.

Incorporating Wicker Basket Coffee Tables

For a casual farmhouse look, choose muted linen, taupe, or grey baskets. Their relaxed tones pull a space together.

Learn modern by stacking baskets geometrically and pairing them with glass tops. Accent with leather pillows, plants, and stone accessories.

Showcase wicker’s vintage charm with varied woven baskets of books, candles, and flowers. Similarly, contrast distressed wood tables’ textures in lounges.

A cozy focal point uses a jute basket filled with fragrant eucalyptus, oranges, or pinecones. Flanking lamps and a sheepskin add a relaxing ambiance.

For an added touch of elegance, place a vase of fresh flowers on top of your wicker basket coffee table. Additionally, the natural beauty of the flowers will complement the organic feel of the wicker, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere in your living room.

Maintaining Your Wicker Furniture

To keep baskets’ natural textures vibrant, dust regularly with a dry cloth. Outdoor baskets may fade from sunlight; move them indoors during warm seasons.

Wipe spills quickly to prevent stains. Use a mild soap and water solution for deeper cleaning as needed. Air dry completely to retain flexibility.

Inspect weaves periodically for loose strands. Clip or burnish gently with an emery board to reduce snagging fibers as wicker ages naturally over time.

Rotproof treatment every 6-12 months maintains wicker’s hardiness in high moisture areas like bathrooms. Seal all wooden surfaces underneath too for lasting protection.

Styling Ideas for Wicker Basket Coffee Tables

Place a vase of fresh flowers on top for added elegance

For an added touch of elegance, place a vase of fresh flowers on top of your wicker basket coffee table. The natural beauty of the flowers will complement the organic feel of the wicker, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere in your living room.

Add a tray with books and magazines for a cozy reading nook

If you enjoy a cozy reading nook in your living room, incorporate a tray with books and magazines on your wicker basket coffee table. It will not only serve as a functional storage solution but also add a personal and inviting touch to the space.

Use it as a bar cart for entertaining guests

For those who love to entertain guests, a wicker basket coffee table can also be used as a bar cart. Fill the baskets with your favorite spirits, cocktail shakers, and glassware for a stylish and convenient setup. Your guests will surely be impressed with your creativity and attention to detail.

Final Thoughts on Wicker Basket Coffee Tables

Increasing popularity stems from affordability, versatility across decors, and inviting textures. Homeowners appreciate their charming aesthetics.

As casual focal points, additional side surfaces, or powder room seating – wicker adapts endlessly. Furthermore, regular care keeps baskets stylish for years as focal conversation starters.

Seamless incorporation ideas paired with proper care preserve the wicker’s natural elegance. Likewise, refreshing living areas affordably or gifting cherished accents make baskets a top choice. Their appeal shows staying power.