7 Creative Ways to Use Wicker Baskets for Home Decor

living room with wicker basket

De-stress for good – meet your new best buddies, wicker baskets! Beyond basic storage, these woven wonders can magically refresh any space. Baskets tidily stash clutter while infusing cozy charm. Learn clever tricks using wicker baskets to organize in ways that uplift mood too. Uplift main areas and hidden corners with baskets’ useful skills and warming textures. Effortless solutions serve each spot, also as lovely accents. Let these little helpers cast their magic across your sanctuary!

  • Using baskets for decorative displays and practical storage solutions throughout the home.
  • Incorporating baskets in high-traffic areas like living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  • Learning unique basket uses for specific rooms like bedrooms, offices, and outdoor spaces.

Organization Basics

One easy way to use a wicker basket is for organizing. Baskets are perfect for corraling items in common household spaces. The living room is a great place to utilize a large basket for extra storage. Place one by the couch to collect blankets, magazines, or toys and keep the area tidy.

In the kitchen, baskets can be used to organize spices or dry goods on countertops. Here is a list of some kitchen items that work well stored in baskets:

The bathroom is another place where baskets are extremely useful. A shallow basket on the sink or back of the toilet allows for neatly storing items like hand towels, soap, and toiletries. In the laundry room, a lidded hamper basket keeps folded clothes or towels neatly contained until they’re ready to be put away.

Decorative Displays

woven Baskets for Decorative Displays

Wicker Baskets offer countless decor ideas for spaces around your home. They make practical additions in any room, from the bathroom to the living room, holding necessities while expressing your style. Woven pieces effectively stash essentials and showcase personal flair throughout your sanctuary.

  • Living Room Baskets – The living room invites basket decor. Place one on the coffee table filled with small plants, books, or candles. Shelves throughout display woven containers holding framed photos or seasonal accents.
  • Storage Solutions – Baskets accommodate varying needs. Sizes suit kitchens holding spices or bedrooms organizing linens. Experiment with functional and artistic designs tailored to different domestic areas.
  • Revitalize Any Space –  Simple shapes reenergize effortlessly. Woven containers style discreet nooks or as focal points throughout. Baskets uplift interior vibes practically stowed or exhibited.
  • Endless Inspiration – Get decorative techniques to enhance your whole home. Innovative basket placements reinvent room function beautifully. Unlock these multi-purpose wonders energizing your sanctuary.

Kitchen Helper

Wicker Baskets for Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of many homes and another excellent place to utilize baskets. Keep countertops and cabinets organized by storing dry goods and snacks in woven baskets. Pasta, rice, baking mixes, and more can all be attractively contained this way. Another smart idea is placing a basket in the refrigerator. Fill it with fresh fruits and vegetables to corral loose produce and keep it fresher longer.

A wicker tray is also a lovely addition to any kitchen space. Display a fruit bowl or baked treats on one for a rustic centerpiece. Place the tray on the counter or breakfast table. The whole meal area can really be pulled together with touches of wicker. Containers work well for keeping things tidy and looking cozy all at once. Their charm pairs perfectly with any style kitchen too, from modern farmhouse to coastal cottage core.

Up next, I’ll share some creative ways to embrace containers in home office settings. They can transform how work areas function and appear.

Home Office Helper

Wicker Baskets for Home Office

Just like other rooms, the home office is another ideal spot to utilize wicker baskets in clever ways. They keep spaces neat and organized while adding visual interest. Store office supplies in a woven container on the desk for easy access to pens, paper clips, sticky notes, and more. Another container also makes the perfect container for electronics charging cables and cords. Just wrap them loosely and place them in the container to prevent tangled messes.

Wall containers open up vertical space storage options as well. Hang one near the workspace and place items commonly needed like address labels, stamps, or envelopes inside for easy retrieval. Storing paper documents and files in containers elevates ordinary paperwork. Place containers filled with important folders in easy-to-see areas to maintain paperwork order.

Tidying up is essential when juggling work tasks and responsibilities. Luckily, containers provide stylish yet practical solutions to keep home offices running smoothly and looking put together. Their organic textures blend seamlessly into any home office aesthetic. In the next section, I’ll share some unique container decorating ideas specifically for bedrooms. Their soft touch can enhance restful spaces.

Bedroom Beauty

One of the most relaxing ways to incorporate containers into a bedroom is by using them to display lush blankets and throws. Place a textured blanket neatly folded inside a container by the bed for an inviting accent. Containers are also ideal for organizing bed linens in the laundry area or inside a closet. Smaller containers add interest when clustered together on nightstands and dressers. Fill them with books, lavender sachets, perfume bottles, or candles for a spa-like vignette. If you have an armchair or reading nook in your bedroom, layering containers with cozy blankets turns the space into an inspiring retreat. Their woven texture creates visual cohesion in the room too.

woven Baskets for Bedroom

In the bathroom, containers tap into the calming energies of natural materials. For instance, display folded towels in a woven receptacle near the tub or shower. Or designate them for organizing toiletries on countertops and vanities. Their airy construction helps circulate fresher scents and feels clean, and breezy underfoot too. Between calming accents and practical storage, containers foster an inviting ambiance in bedrooms and baths. Next, I’ll share ideas for incorporating containers in living rooms to promote relaxing atmospheres throughout the home. Their woven charm complements well-loved family spaces.

Living Room Comfort

Much like the bedroom, the living room is another area where containers can infuse texture, warmth, and function simultaneously. Place extra blankets or throws neatly folded inside a woven container on the coffee table for coziness. Guests will appreciate their soft touch. Containers also make agreeable homes for books, journals, or coffee table decor. Position one near the sofa and fill it with items related to your family’s interests. It encourages reading and conversation.

Larger floor baskets are invited to play. Use them to corral toys in kid-friendly zones for tidy fun. Their depth keeps games and building blocks neatly contained too – perfect when hosting little ones. Styling several identical containers together on shelves, side tables or media stands offers visual appeal. Cluster-filled containers for harmonious living room vignettes with your belongings attractively displayed inside each one.

Between accents of relaxation and useful storage, containers elevate living rooms into places where you always feel cozy. Their earthy weaves breathe calm into principal household areas where the family enjoys treasured moments. Next, I’ll explore how to use containers in outdoor spaces for pleasant outdoor living.

Outdoor Style

While generally known as indoor decor staples, containers make lovely additions for outdoor enjoyment too. Bring them onto patios, decks, or front porches and fill them with seasonal touches. Use containers to hold potted plants like herbs or flowers that scent the air. Their organic texture complements the greenery beautifully.

Wicker baskets for outdoor

Favorite Wicker Basket Types and Uses

This table shows some of the most popular basket types and their common uses:

Basket TypeCommon Uses
Large BasketLiving room storage, underbed storage, outdoors
Shallow BasketBathroom storage, coffee table, kitchen
Hamper BasketLaundry room, bedrooms
Woven BasketWall art, plants, kitchen counters, outdoor patio
Wicker TrayCoffee tables, kitchen counters, outdoor tables

Unique Ways to Utilize Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets serve more purposes than just decoration. Try these functional uses:

  • Laundry Day Helper – Collect clothes from around the home in a large wicker basket.
  • Mud Room Magician – Keep outdoor gear like shoes and boots tidy near the back door in baskets.
  • Bath Time Buddy – Stock baskets in the bedroom or bathroom with toys, books, and activities for little ones.
  • Pet Supply Station – Neatly organize dog supplies near pet areas using a wicker basket.
  • Garage Guru – Store gardening, sports, or pool gear together durably in wicker baskets.
  • Picnic Perfection – Pack all your al fresco dining needs together in a sturdy picnic wicker basket.
  • Gift Giving Godsend – Wicker containers make transporting baked goods, gifts, and more a breeze.

By focusing on functionality over just appearance, more living spaces can benefit from wicker baskets.

woven baskets for table

Final Thoughts

Set containers on outdoor tables for discreet storage space. Keep napkins, coasters, or utensils inside under bistro umbrellas and shields from sun/rain. Coordinating wicker baskets of similar sizes filled with items like firewood, gardening tools or sports gear makes outdoor collections look fancier too. Leave sturdier containers outside year-round also. Materials that withstand weather maintain decorative function even in winter. Fill them with outdoor accents like shell wind chimes or agate stones when the seasons change. Their sight and sound lift spirits amid autumn leaves and winter snow.

In summary, wicker baskets enhance exteriors with natural refinement like interiors. Now let’s explore some practical storage solutions containers offer for common indoor areas.