Organizing Home with Wicker Baskets: 36 Genius Ideas

organizing home with wicker basket

Wicker baskets are a stylish and practical storage solution for any room. With their natural woven texture and ability to complement a variety of interior styles, wicker baskets offer discreet organization while enhancing home decor. This article will cover 36 unique ways to leverage the full potential of wicker baskets and maximize storage space throughout your entire home.

Whether you need new ideas for the kitchen, bedroom, craft room, or anywhere else, incorporating basket-based storage systems can instantly declutter spaces and bring order. Wicker baskets come in an assortment of sizes, materials, and styles suited to different organizational functions. Thoughtfully placing baskets in strategic locations provides handy temporary and permanent storage solutions while keeping items conveniently accessible.

Key Takeaways

  • Wicker baskets come in various sizes and styles to accommodate different storage needs, from small containers to large carriers.
  • Their natural textures add visual appeal while disguising functional storage that doesn’t obstruct spaces.
  • Baskets can be placed practically anywhere in the home, on shelves, counters, cabinets, and more, for convenient yet discreet organization.
  • Learning these versatile basket techniques inspires new ways to optimize storage in any room of the house.
  • Strategically choosing basket types and placements based on intended contents maximizes effectiveness.
  • Even small changes like these basket ideas can significantly streamline a space by merging form with function.

The following tips will inspire you to creatively utilize wicker baskets and transform cluttered areas into tidy, functional zones. By learning these proven basket tricks, every room of your house can operate efficiently while maintaining a pulled-together appearance. So whether styling shelves, thinking outside the box for under-bed storage, or any other storage challenges – keep reading for 36 genius ways these versatile carriers can organize your home from top to bottom!

Kitchen Organization

As one of the busiest rooms prone to disorganization, the kitchen is the perfect candidate to leverage the full potential of wicker baskets. Small touches can make a big impact on usability and style:

Countertop Essentials: Weave a natural basket and place it on the main counter. Store frequently used items like olive oil, salt, and spoons in the accessible woven basket.

Spice Rack Alternative: Line up five small woven baskets along the stove top with labels. The open design shows spices organized by type for cooking.

Pantry Perfection: Place a woven wicker basket sideways on a shelf. Neatly hold rice, pasta, oats, and mixes. Its texture allows viewing contents while storing pantry goods routinely used.

Fridge/Freezer Boost: Use fabric or plain wooden dividers to sectionalize a large woven basket, then nest smaller baskets inside each compartment tailored to produce types – one each for fruits, veggies, lettuce, etc. Stack multiple sets in the fridge and freezer for an instant organized upgrade.

Microwave Mini Station: Elevate the often-cluttered microwave area by keeping it clutter-free, storing only removable magnetic shelf cleaning supplies or coffee pod containers in an attractive woven basket placed beside the appliance.

Bread Bin Alternative: Protect bread, rolls, or snacks from crumbs inside an oval or rectangular linen-lined wicker basket on the kitchen counter, inside a cupboard, or on the kitchen table. Its natural texture and friendly design encourage limited kitchen waste.

Laundry Room Organization

Always a catch-all for more odds and ends than clothes, the laundry space benefits greatly from wicker baskets’ practical and decorative touches. Baskets provide multiple ways to organize this busy room:

Sorting Station: Use three woven baskets with lids labeled Whites, Darks, and Delicates on top of the washer/dryer, providing lidded compartments to neatly store and sort clothes directly into the proper machines. The lidded baskets help contain different loads.

Ironing Edge: Corrale folded stacks of clean towels, sheets, and clothes vertically inside lidded woven baskets tucked neatly under the ironing board or station counter for a polished look. Baskets neatly store freshly ironed linen items.

Hamper Havoc Fix: Elevate dingy plastic hampers to handsome woven designs with handles, making transporting loads to and from machines more convenient and stylish without breaking the bank. Woven baskets offer an attractive and easy way to carry laundry.

Detergent Display: Store a colorful collection of pods, liquids, or concentrates inside a rectangular mid-size rattan basket on the counter or shelf, keeping necessities visible but organized. Baskets provide a way to display cleaning supplies.

Fabric Softener Essentials: Organize dryer sheets, boosters, or sniffers within a small woven basket by the dryer for one-stop grabbing on laundry days. Baskets offer a simple solution for storing related laundry items.

Home Office Organization

An organized workspace increases efficiency. Wicker baskets cleverly inject function and visual appeal through organization ideas:

Desktop Tower: Use woven dividers to sectionalize an oval basket on the desk. Divided baskets neatly corral tools by project or category.

Vertical File Cabinet: Stand stacked uniform-sized square rattan file holders labeled A-Z on shelves. Vertical baskets allow efficient filing of receipts and manuals.

Desktop Caddy: Keep desktop essentials neatly corralled in three graduated woven baskets stored underneath. Layered baskets offer versatile desktop storage for pens, paperclips, and sticky notes.

Charging Station: Place cords, devices, and headphones tidily wound in a wide rattan basket near the desk on an end table during off-hours to charge conveniently corralled together. Baskets provide simplified cord storage.

Printer Corner: Tuck paper packs, folders, and envelopes vertically in a tall woven container near the printer for one-stop paper grabbing when multi-functioning. Tall baskets make printer supplies easily accessible.

Living Room Organization

Make living spaces functional without compromising style through clever storage solutions. In particular, large wicker baskets provide flexible organization options:

Remote Control Hub: Keep remotes, phones, and tablets readily accessible on coffee tables inside an attractive large basket near everyone’s seats while movies play. Baskets corral electronics mess-free.

Book Nook: Distribute sorted hardcovers and paperbacks neatly among graduating woven baskets on shelves or end tables creating an easy browsing station. Baskets creatively showcase the family library.

Throw Blanket Depot: House rolls of blankets and floor cushions within an oval large wicker basket by the sofa, keeping living fabrics visible but picked up and crease-free. The basket supplies blankets within reach.

Kids’ Toy Shelter: Line a set of matching baskets labeled by item type—puzzles, blocks, cars, etc.—along low shelving, giving little ones independent toy storage while preserving play spaces. The basket storage ideas keep toys organized.

Decorative Accessories: Display potted silk florals, framed photos, or sculptures inside woven baskets on credenzas or shelves, adding visual interest between uses or decor changes. Baskets beautifully present accent pieces.

Bedroom Organization

A serene bedroom starts with well-organized storage and preserves harmony. Using storage boxes and baskets provides a great way to organize the space:

Jewelry Armoire: Necklaces lay flat separated by small basket dividers inside drawers while bracelets and earrings nest neatly inside labeled rattan storage boxes stacked on top for easy styling.

Dresser Dividers: Distribute folded tops, socks, and underwear into woven seagrass storage boxes sectionalized across dresser surfaces keeping matching clothes paired up.

Under-Bed Essentials: Slide long rectangular wicker storage boxes side-by-side maximizing vertical space to neatly stow extra bedding, off-season clothes, and bulky sweaters.

Nightstand Novelties: Corral books, glasses, and devices on tables within woven baskets allowing surfaces to stay clear for relaxing without obstructed views. Baskets, in this case,  provide a great way to neatly organize nightstand essentials.

Seasonal Switch-Out: Switch between over-the-door shoe organizers or woven lidded baskets stowed high inside the closet by season, prepping summer sandals near the front in summer for easy access.

Craft Room Solutions

Inspire creativity with organized, visually pleasing storage showcasing your passions. Additionally, use small baskets to find functional solutions for craft supplies:

Tool Territory: Separate brushes, punches, and scissors into labeled small woven baskets. Distribute baskets tailored to content across shelves for easy locating.

Project Portfolio: Monitor works-in-progress rolled-filed inside graduated rattan carriers. Place carriers atop carts, tables, or racks sized to rolled project diameters.

Pattern Parade: File paper and plastic templates, prints, and stencils upright in labeled wooden holders. Stack holders along walls to keep craft ideas organized by medium or theme.

Color Collection: Corral artificial flowers, ribbons, and trims inside clear-lidded small woven bins. Systemize bins on shelving by rainbow for new creations.

Workstation Chargers: Wind cords tightly inside cavernous seagrass baskets placed aside craft desks. Keep glue guns and lights juiced up together in baskets during off-hours.

Bathroom Organization

Even petite bathrooms benefit enormously from well-considered basket applications. Moreover, baskets provide some of our favorite ways here to utilize storage space. Primarily:

Vanity Caddy: Divide counter clutter into a tall woven seagrass container. Custom foam divides sections for easy locating toiletries.

Medicine Makeover: Stand graduating wicker baskets on shelves to sectionalize medications. Baskets offer an organized way to store various items within cabinets.

Towel Tower: Roll-fold linen stacks upright in tall rectangular rattan containers. Maximize small linen closet space while allowing air circulation.

Shower/Tub Textiles: Neatly roll mats and curtains inside oval containers by tub or shower. Baskets provide a way to extend textile lifespans versus clutter.

Robe Revival: Keep bathrobes crease-free on hooks by roll-folding inside a tall basket nearby. Baskets keep robes handy and wrinkle-free for post-shower.

Additional Baskets Implementations

Explore further uses of these stylish storages to make your home more functional:

Entryway Essentials: Catch keys and mail in a generously sized oval rattan basket under console tables or credenzas. Baskets provide easy entryway storage.

Seasonal Decoration Display: Highlight seasonal decor pieces artistically in woven baskets alternated on shelves or end tables. Baskets showcase decorations and festoon your home.

Backyard Bliss: Pair woven baskets with charming patio side tables. Use baskets for outdoor books, drinks, and electronics besides the basket “tables”.

Mudroom Marvel: Label long rectangular or oval rattan baskets under wall-mounted benches by person. Baskets help neatly organize shoes without clutter.

Garage Genius: Stack uniform seagrass carriers atop shelving. Categorize seasonal gear, tools, and auto supplies with clear labels in baskets.

Workbench Whiz: Arrange rows of wicker document holders against walls near work areas. Organize manuals alphabetically within baskets for any room.

Family Room: Distribute seagrass storage containers creatively throughout playrooms labeled with content— blocks, cars, etc. Children enjoy independence putting toys neatly in the containers after play. The storage options help kids organize their space.

Wall Display: Feature collections artistically by nesting assorted woven or wood baskets together in varied heights showcasing decor, framed photos, or seasonal accents. baskets beautifully display items throughout your home.

Hobby Haven: Store craft, and woodworking materials by type in wall-mounted wicker file holders, from sewing notions and fabrics to painting supplies perfectly cataloged. File baskets neatly organize craft supplies in any room.