How to Incorporate Stylish Wicker into Your Home

white wicker armchair

Wicker furniture is becoming more and more popular. In the last 5 years, wicker sales have grown by 25% as homeowners look for easy and affordable ways to add natural beauty and texture to where they live. In the past, wicker was mostly found in sunrooms and beach houses. But now, more people are using wicker in modern home styles because of its flexibility.

The Allure of Wicker

Benefits of Wicker

Wicker’s biggest draws are its natural beauty and hardy durability. Close up, runners’ fingers can get lost in its woven textures of rattan, bamboo, or seagrass.

This organic material maintains its integrity indoors or out, resisting damage from sunlight, rain or pets. Its flexible yet sturdy framework can last 50+ years with minimal care. Wicker also adds visual appeal and tactile contrast to any space with its unique patterns, varying from tight geometrics to loose water reeds.

Modern Take on a Classic

While wicker furnishings were once solely for porches and cottages, innovative designs have brought this classic material firmly into contemporary realms. Sleek black wicker pendant lamps and accent chairs exude modern farmhouse vibes in rustic kitchens. Wicker’s natural textures provide the perfect counterpoint to sharp angles and hard surfaces as well. With the ability to morph its style, wicker gracefully spans all aesthetics with ease.

Wicker Wonderland: A Room-by-Room Guide

Living Room

Anchor your space with an eye-catching wicker accent piece, like a retro armchair or funky ottoman. These statement pieces inject natural beauty while providing extra seating options for guests. Look for a chair with a sturdy wooden frame and flexible caning in a complementing tone.

For textural layers that elevate your design, cluster wicker baskets brimming with books, plants, and throws on open shelves or a console table. The varied shapes and sizes of the baskets provide visual interest, while also offering plentiful storage solutions. Consider stringing baby’s breath, ivy cuttings, or twinkle lights among the baskets to make a charming vignette.

Dining Room

Infuse your dining ensemble with coastal flair using mismatched wicker dining chairs around a wooden table. Hunt for chairs with unique silhouettes, like vertical caning details or an oval backrest. Their organic forms will feel equally at home in casual or formal settings.

A statement wicker pendant light radiates warmth while its dangling texture sets a playful mood. Search for a wicker-woven drum shade or linear panel design that filters light softly. Make sure the dimensions and hang point suit your table’s size.


Wake up to serenity courtesy of a natural rattan headboard with delicate caning for staying in bed a little longer. Beyond structure, a wicker headboard offers breathability. Choose a lighter rattan or seagrass weave to complement your bed’s upholstered panels or wood frame.

Neatly stash blankets and pillows in woven baskets tucked under the window bench or flanking a bedside table. Their cotton linings beautifully catch vibrant throw fabrics. Textures abound without cluttering your bedroom oasis.


Step into spa zen with rattan vanity stools just right for primping. Look for a stool with a stable ring base and a gently curved caned seat. Consider pulling them out when guests visit for extra counter space too.

Skewed wicker towel racks lend nautical spirit to your powder room. Their grip won’t fray thin loops either. Go for a wide boater-style rack to make a statement behind the toilet.

Pro Tips for Wicker Perfection

Mix and Match Materials

Wicker truly shines when paired eclectically with diverse surfaces. Marry the natural textures with wood, marble, or rattan to create visual balance. Metallics like brass or silver provide crisp pops against woven fibers as well.

Play with Color

Decorating solely in wicker’s beige and brown tones risks blandness. Accessorize with verdant, coral, or sky blue-hued pillows, artwork, or lampshades to complement the neutral foundation in vibrant doses.

Embrace Imperfections

Each wicker piece tells a story through its variations in thickness and irregular weaves. Respect these one-of-a-kind handcrafted qualities rather than perceiving them as flaws. Character is what makes Wicker so charming!

Maintenance Tips

Should your wicker collect dust or stains, wipe gently with a microfiber cloth and warm, soapy water. For further care, spot-treat stubborn areas before letting them dry completely in an airy space out of direct sunlight. Regular dusting maintains your wicker investment’s good looks with minimal elbow grease.

Wrapping Up

Wicker has stood the test of time thanks to its longevity, versatility and ability to complement any style. It does more than just decorate – this natural material fosters a sense of calmness and well-being.

Whether you embrace wicker for a whole room or with simple accents, this guide shares its endless possibilities. Beyond sturdiness, breathability, and warmth, wicker creates a look that withstands trends. Crafted from earth’s bounty and human hands, it’s a furnishing to treasure for years.

Now explore wicker in your own way. I encourage sharing your creations on social media with #mywickerhome. Seeing various uses will inspire further experimentation. Most importantly, I hope this introduction motivates incorporate nature’s beauty through your spaces. Your home will reward you with feel-good vibes.