How Can Wicker Baskets Be Used As Decorative Candle Holders?

Wicker Baskets as Candle Holders for Bathroom

Wicker baskets make beautiful and unique candle holders when shaped and decorated properly. Their woven material provides visual texture and interest that enhances the ambiance created by candlelight. Whether filled with tealights or pillar candles, wicker baskets can serve as focal points that tie various design elements together in a cohesive fashion.

Beyond basic storage, these versatile baskets can take on new functions as decorative accents. When repurposed creatively, wicker baskets lend warmth and charm to any space.

How to Prepare Your Wicker Basket for Use as a Candle Holder

Wicker Baskets cleaning


  • Start by sweeping or vacuuming any loose dirt from the basket exterior and interior
  • Make a cleaning solution by mixing water with a few drops of mild detergent or olive/vegetable oil soap
  • Use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub any grimy or stained areas, being careful not to saturate the wicker
  • Rinse thoroughly with a damp cloth and allow the basket to air dry completely before proceeding


  • Cut a piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil or upholstery wicker/wicker fabric lining to completely cover the bottom and extend up the sides by 1-2 inches
  • For fabric, apply fusible interfacing to the back according to the package directions
  • Press the lining smoothly into place with a hot iron if using fabric for wrinkle-free adhesion
  • Punch small holes in the bottom corners and along the edges for drainage

Decorating (optional)

  • Personalize the natural look by freehand painting or stenciling floral motifs, dots, stripes, or other patterns
  • Outline the edges by hand wrapping jute, raffia, ribbon, or twine trim around and securing neatly with hot glue
  • Tuck small silk or real dried flowers, ferns, lavender buds, or other accents into the wicker knots
  • Finish by adding a ribbon rosette, bow, or hanging loop (if wall mounting) for decorative flair

Safety Tips for Using Wicker Baskets as Candle Holders

Sand down any rough edges

Sand down any rough edges: Wicker baskets can sometimes have small, sharp prongs sticking out from where the strands of material are woven together. Take some light-grit sandpaper to smooth over any rough areas that could cause snags or cuts if touched accidentally. This prevents potential injury.

Line basket interior with aluminum foil: Candle wax is highly flammable and will stain surfaces it drips onto. Lining the bottom and sides of the basket with heavy-duty aluminum foil makes cleanup easy by trapping spilled wax particles. The foil can simply be thrown away afterward.

Add drainage holes to the foil lining: It’s inevitable that some wax will spill over during the life of the candles. Poke several small holes through the foil and wicker weave using a pin or tack so liquid wax has an escape route to drain out safely rather than sitting in a puddle on your table surface.

Extinguish all flames before leaving the area unattended: Lit candles should never be left alone. Make it a habit to blow out all flames before vacating the room, even briefly. This greatly reduces the risk of an accidental fire if a curtain were to blow into a candle or it were to tip over in your absence. Safety first when it comes to open flames around organic materials like wicker.

Ideas for Decorating Wicker Baskets with Candles

 Decorative Wicker Candle Holders

Tealight Arrangement

Use the holes in the wicker weave to stick small tea lights in attractive clusters throughout the basket. Alternate colors for visual interest. Add sand or grain to the bottom for stability.

Pillar Placement

Stand tall pillar candles of varying heights in the center of the basket, spacing them out evenly. Tie jute twine or raffia around the middle for a rustic, gathered look.

Floating Votives

Float votive candles of complementary scents in a shallow pool of sand, river stones, or potpourri filling the basket’s bottom. Scatter flower petals or herb leaves on top.

Hanging Creation

Weave rope, jute, or raffia in and around cleaned wicker to create a hangable sphere. Poke tea light holes facing outwards all around. Hang as a unique pendant light fixture.

Placement Ideas for Decorative Wicker Candle Holders

Dining table centerpiece: Group three to five pillar candles of varying heights together in a large wicker basket and place in the middle of your dining table for candlelight ambiance during meals. Consider additional floral accents or greens tucked around the candles.

Entryway greeting: Place a single pillar or grouping of tealight candles nestled amongst ferns or moss in a low, linear wicker basket by the front door. This warmly welcomes guests into your home.

Mantel display: Elevate multiple pillar candles of the same height in a rectangular wicker basket and showcase them centered along a fireplace mantel. Surround with framed photos for an inviting focal point.

 Decorative Wicker Candle Holders

Porch seating: Nestle LED flameless candles into a round wicker basket and placed on a porch table between lounge chairs for an outdoor after-dark ambiance without potential fire hazards.

Wall shelf accent: Hang an oval wicker basket containing a short pillar candle from a kitchen wall cabinet pull or living room bookshelf and let glow from above. Change out scents seasonally.

Tips for Choosing the Right Candles

Candle TypeBurn TimeProsCons
Pillar Candle (paraffin)8-10 hoursClean burn, variety of sizes availableMay emit a stronger scent, more expensive than tealight
Pillar Candle (soy/beeswax)6-8 hoursMore natural material, often scent-freeShorter burn time than paraffin, higher cost
Tealight Candle1-2 hoursInexpensive, fit many spacesRequire more relighting, risk falling through loosely woven baskets
Flameless LED CandleVaries by battery type, 8 hours commonSafe for any placement, no sootRequire batteries, lack of real flame ambiance
Scented CandleVariesAdds wonderful aromasStrong scents may overpower small spaces or be headaches
Unscented CandleVariesWon’t clash with fragrancesLack of olfactory layer that enhances mood

Final Touches and Care

Once the arrangement is complete, take a step back and view your creation from different vantage points to ensure optimal placement revealing all details. Light test candles before finalizing setup.

Periodically dust off accumulated debris on baskets with a soft brush. Vacuum small crevices as needed.

Gently wipe the exterior with a barely damp cloth as required to remove fingerprints or dirt buildup. Avoid over-wetting wicker which can cause warping if waterlogged.

Be attentive when lighting candles so wax and flames don’t come into direct contact with woven basket material. Replace the foil lining if it becomes severely wax-stained.

outdoor candle

For outdoor setups, bring baskets inside if heavy rain is forecast or water intrusion could become an issue for the wicker. Be aware of wind conditions too when using real flame candles outdoors.

With minimal preparation and care, wicker baskets offer possibilities as versatile home accouterments to lend character, charm, and ambiance where needed through subtle illumination. Their natural appeal pairs beautifully with the warmth and glow of candlelight. Get creative reimagining these multi-purpose baskets in inventive ways around your living spaces!