Add a Touch of Sophistication with Hanging Wicker Baskets

hanging wall wicker basket

Hanging wicker baskets are a charming way to enhance interior design through creative decor. Their open weave structure allows plants and other items to peek through, lending visual interest while also framing beautiful greenery. Whether used to display vibrant flora, provide clever storage, or simply accent a space, hanging baskets offer unique interior design solutions.

By maximizing vertical space, hanging baskets make the most of available surfaces. Their suspension from walls, ceilings, and other fixtures introduces design intrigue above normal eye level. Infusing rooms with natural decor through potted plants and foliage, hanging baskets can bring beauty and atmosphere to any living area. Placing prized greenery on display elevates interior settings through charming ornamentation and the calming, refreshing qualities of living flora.

hanging wall wicker basket

Maximizing Vertical Space

Hanging baskets are an excellent way to make use of vertical space that might otherwise be unused. Their open design allows plants and other items to spill over the edges, drawing the eye upward. Hanging baskets hung from ceilings or on walls open up a room’s atmosphere by creating the illusion of more height.

Some popular hanging locations include exposed ceiling beams, light fixtures without shades, doorways, windows, and low fences or railings. When choosing hanging positions, consider how the weight will be distributed and select sturdy anchors or straps rated for the basket’s weight when watered. Distributing baskets throughout a space, including in corners, helps define separate sitting or traffic areas.

hanging wall wicker basket

Plant Varieties for Hanging Wicker Baskets

The right plants are essential for creating stunning hanging basket displays. When selecting varieties, consider each one’s growing conditions, unique appearance, and ability to spill beautifully over the edges of the planter. Several top choices include:

Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata) – This fern has delicate, feathery fronds that create a lush green appearance. Its foliage prefers high humidity, making it perfect for bathrooms. Boston ferns are tolerant of low light and grow well in medium to small baskets.

English Ivy (Hedera helix) – Ivy vines are always a great choice for their ability to cascade beautifully from hanging containers. English ivy thrives in shade and will trail several feet. It does well in large or multiple overlapping baskets.

Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) – Pothos comes in various colorful leaf varieties and is extremely hardy. It tolerates low light and does well in warm and colder conditions. Use pothos to trail over the sides of baskets hung in offices, bathrooms, or living rooms.

Petunia (Petunia) – For a splash of colorful blooms, choose trailing petunia varieties. They flower prolifically and tolerate sun or partial shade. Petunias thrive in medium to large baskets hung on porches or patios.

Swedish Ivy (Plectranthus australis) – This trailing plant has lush green leaves and grows well in full to partial sun. Use Swedish ivy in medium or large baskets placed around outdoor seating areas or balconies.

The variety of plants suitable for hanging wicker baskets is vast, ranging from cascading flowers like petunias and fuchsias to trailing greenery like ivy and spider plants. This diversity empowers you to create a unique and personalized display that complements your interior style flawlessly.

hanging wicker baskets

Low-Maintenance Elegance

The plants outlined in section III not only add beauty to any space but also stay looking their best with minimal upkeep. Their low watering needs and ability to thrive in a variety of light conditions make them ideal for hanging baskets. Generally aim to water trailing or cascading plants once every 7-10 days, allowing the soil to dry out slightly between waterings.

Wiping down leaves occasionally, either with a damp cloth or nebulized water, helps remove any dust buildup that could inhibit photosynthesis. Rotate baskets weekly so all sides receive equal light exposure. During warmer months, consider fertilizing hanging plants every 4-6 weeks using a diluted, all-purpose liquid houseplant food.

With proper care, hanging baskets filled with these low-fuss picks can lend natural decor throughout your home hassle-free for months at a time. Their beauty needs little more than an occasional drink!

Innovative Decor Ideas

Hanging baskets filled with greenery can infuse personality into any room when thoughtfully placed. Here are some inspiring ideas for common areas:

Kitchen: Hang baskets of herbs like basil, parsley, or thyme above the window over the sink for an instant ingredient garden. Or add a pop of color with red or pink flowering plants by the dining table.

hanging wicker baskets

Entryway: Welcome guests with the charming sight of full ivy baskets swaying beside the front door. Small succulents also work well in this high-traffic area.

Living Room: Display trailing pothos or philodendrons in baskets hanging from exposed ceiling beams to incorporate lush foliage without taking up furniture space.

Bedroom: Fill wicker baskets with air-purifying English ivy or lipstick vines then hang them on either side of the bed for a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere

Bathroom: Golden pothos or ferns thrive in the humid bathroom environment. Hang baskets outside windows or above tub/shower areas.

Balcony/Porch: Spider plants, string of pearls and sweet potato vine handle outdoor conditions while adding greenery to small patios or decks.

Home Office: Trailing vines like creeping figs soften the atmosphere. Hang a basket of them above a desk to freshen the air.

Staircase: Use trailing foliage like ivy or philodendron in wicker baskets hung from staircase railings for an instant indoor landscaping upgrade.

The possibilities are endless! Get creative with placements that complement various interior design styles. And don’t limit yourself to just one basket – groupings create a more lush, finished look.

Uses and Locations for Hanging Wicker Baskets

UseIdeal LocationsPlant ChoicesHardware Examples
Plant DisplayLiving room, kitchen, balconyTrailing vines, flowers, foliage plantsMetal swivel mounts, nylon straps
Storage SolutionBathroom, bedroom, hallwayN/ADecorative hooks, snap hooks
Decorative AccentEntryway, porch, gardenShorter plants, succulents, trailing vinesMetal brackets, wooden dowels
Functional StorageOffice, laundry room, nurseryN/ASturdy rings, shoulder straps
hanging wall wicker basket

Selecting the Ideal Basket

With so many basket options available, it’s important to choose styles appropriate for your plants, decor, and specific locations. Consider these factors:

Size: Choose dimensions proportionate to the space, allowing room for plant growth. Oversized baskets may droop oddly.

Material: Wicker, rattan, and bamboo offer breathability but may fade in sunlight. resin is weatherproof

Style: Traditional, modern, natural – pick a look harmonizing with your design aesthetic.

Durability: Look for weatherproof or all-weather wicker that withstands moisture and outdoor conditions if used outside.

Secure mounts: Hammock, clip or hook styles safely secure baskets without visible hardware.

Location: Pick baskets suitable for lighting levels where they’ll hang – indoor vs. covered porch locations, for example.

Basket preparation: For baskets lacking holes, drill drainage openings in the base before planting to prevent root rot.

Filler choice: Consider using moss, gravel, or decorative rocks to partially fill the basket’s bottom and sidewalls before adding soil. This improves drainage and support.

hanging wall wicker basket

Hanging Hardware Options

When it comes to suspending heavy, water-filled baskets, sturdy hardware makes all the difference. Here are some commonly used mounting systems:

  • Straps: Adjustable nylon straps safely secure most baskets. Select straps rated for the basket’s weight when fully watered.
  • Rope & pulley: Maritime rope with pulley allows raising/lowering baskets for planting/care. Best for high ceiling applications.
  • Hooks: Decorative metal or wood hooks camouflage mounting hardware aesthetically. Ensure they can bear weight.

Always attach hangers securely using screws or molly bolts rated for the material they’re installed in – wood, plaster, concrete, etc. Double-check weight limits to avoid accidents!

For heavier baskets, hanging brackets or swivel joints help evenly distribute weight to prevent breakage:

  • Brackets: U-shaped metal brackets mounted flush on walls/ceilings safely cradle baskets.
  • Swivel joints: Allow rotating baskets as desired for best plant growth lighting needs.

Indoor applications where installation is concealed can use threaded eye bolts or snap hooks for quicker changes. Outdoor use demands corrosion-resistant hardware like stainless steel.

hanging wicker baskets

Inspire Your Home with Hanging Basket Decor

Hanging wicker baskets are an excellent addition to any home decor, providing a unique way to introduce nature indoors while maximizing space. Their rustic charm, low-maintenance nature, and diverse plant selection make them an ideal choice for both seasoned gardeners and those new to the world of plants.

Incorporate hanging wicker baskets creatively throughout your home, such as in the kitchen, entryway, living room, or bedroom, to enjoy the countless benefits they bring like infusing beauty and greenery without using precious floor area. Remember to consider the size, material, durability, and hanging mechanism when selecting the perfect hanging wicker baskets for your space.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit your local nursery this weekend to pick out hanging baskets, plants, and supplies to get started on your new decor projects. Elevate your home decor with these beautiful, eye-catching hanging wicker baskets and witness the transformation they can bring to your living spaces.