Let Flat Wicker Baskets Uplift Your Home’s Whole Vibe

flat wicker baskets

Flat wicker baskets are baskets woven from wicker or rattan that have a flat or minimal curved back rather than being fully rounded or oval-shaped. They are commonly used for storage or display and come in various sizes.

Benefits of using flat baskets include their lightweight flexible design, open layout which allows content visibility, and vintage or bohemian aesthetic appeal. Their flat backs also enable versatile hanging on walls, doors, and other flat surfaces.

Types of flat baskets involve small baskets for items like trinkets or bathroom essentials, medium baskets for toys, blankets, or laundry, hanging baskets, large baskets for storing plants or blankets, plus specialized baskets for flowers or kitchen supplies.

Flat Wicker Baskets for Storage

Hanging flat baskets are perfect for extra storage in the bathroom, kitchen, or kids’ rooms. They can be suspended on walls, doors, or rails using small hooks or ties.

Flat wicker baskets for kids’ rooms are excellent for toys, art supplies, blankets, or clothes. The open configuration permits kids easy viewing and retrieval of items while adding visual interest to their space.

Bathrooms to hold towels, toiletries, or feminine products. Their water-resistant materials make them suitable for damp areas.

In kitchens, organize items like baking ingredients, fruits, or utensils. They offer a stylish storage solution on counters or under cabinets.

Bedrooms regularly use flat baskets to neatly store blankets, scarves, or accessories on furniture or walls. Their airy design keeps the contents fresh.

Spray Paint Ideas for Small Wicker Baskets with Flat Backs

Giving small flat wicker baskets a fun new color with spray paint is a cost-effective way to refresh their look. Popular choices include:

  • White spray paint for a crisp appearance that complements any style.
  • Black spray paint lends sophistication and makes patterns stand out.
  • Gray spray paint generates a relaxing mood.

Flat Wicker Wall Hanging Baskets

Flat baskets are perfect for displaying on walls to add visual interest and extra storage. Their flat backs allow secure hanging using small nails, screws, or command strips.

When hanging flat wicker wall baskets, consider the height and spacing. Groupings look nice hung at staggered heights ranging from eye level to just above head height. Leave a few inches between baskets so the contents are accessible.

Styling tips include using varying sizes of baskets and arranging from largest to smallest. Fill with plants, linen napkins, rolled towels, candles, books, or layered scarves. Natural elements like seashells or dried flowers complement their earthy design.

Bohemian, tropical, farmhouse and Japanese minimalist are some styles that suit flat wall baskets. Adjust contents and surrounding decor for the desired aesthetic.

Large Flat Wicker Baskets

Due to their size and sturdy construction, large flat wicker baskets offer versatile uses beyond basic storage. Common applications include coffee tables, ottomans, headboards, and shower caddies.

As a coffee table, a large flat basket’s open design allows drinks and décor to be easily viewed and accessed. Place it on casters for mobility.

Used as an ottoman, props are not needed for lumbar support. Fill with blankets to double as extra seating.

Attached to the wall or foot of the bed, a large basket headboard provides built-in storage above the mattress.

In the bathroom, a large basket keeps towels and toiletries together and off the shower floor. Its water resistance prevents damage.

Consider measuring space needs and ease of lifting weight when choosing the size, style, and materials for large flat baskets. Rattan is often hardier than thinner wicker weaves.

flat wicker basket

Flat Back Baskets White Wicker

White wicker is a timeless material for flat-back baskets. When looking to buy:

  • Check home goods stores, antique malls, and online retailers. Measurement filters help find properly sized baskets.
  • Consider quality. Thicker wicker strands withstand heavier loads and years of use better than thinner or lower-density weaves.

Popular white wicker basket styles incorporate:

  • Geometric lattice or diamond patterns
  • Tightly coiled wicker rounds
  • Linear woven stripes
  • Mixed weaves combining techniques

No matter the size or design, white wicker flat-back baskets blend in beautifully everywhere from laundry rooms to entryways.

Flat Back Baskets White Wicker Door

Hanging flat back baskets on doors provides convenient access to items used frequently around the home. To install:

  • Locate strong spots on the door edge or frame where a command strip, small screw, or nail can be securely attached high enough to not hit heads.
  • Attach basket handle, sides, or back using appropriate hardware.

Bathroom door baskets often hold cleaning or self-care supplies. Kitchen options work well for snacks, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil. Mudroom/laundry baskets corral shoes, gadgets, or pet items.

Consider the door’s swing when choosing a hanging location. Remove baskets when the door won’t fully open to avoid damaged contents.

flat wicker baskets

Flat Wicker Flower Baskets with Handles

Flat wicker baskets with handles make versatile planters and organizers. Their open design allows roots room to grow while the handles provide easy portability.

Common uses include:

  • Displaying houseplants, succulents, or cutting flowers on surfaces throughout the home. The wicker adds natural appeal.
  • Transporting gardening tools, gloves, or smaller plants when working outdoors. Durable handles withstand regular lifting and carrying.
  • Arranging flower bouquets or herb bundles on patios and decks for al fresco enjoyment. Wicker complements other outdoor wicker or rattan furnishings.

Look for permanently attached metal or wood handles on either end for balanced lifting. Rattan usually rates stronger than lighter wicker. Drainage holes prevent soggy messes.

Flat Oval Wicker Flower Baskets

For a curved, interesting look, flat oval wicker baskets pair form with function. Check garden stores and online for these varieties.

Modern and rustic oval styles beautifully hold single blooms or full arrangements. Their rounded shapes suit plants like hydrangeas. Smaller ovals nestle vines in windowsills, while larger sizes grace centerpiece tables with seasonal flowers. Bowls underneath catch drained soil.

Densely woven ovals withstand outdoor use year-round for hardy plants on patios. Meanwhile, lighter ovals work well indoors near light sources.

From lines of oval baskets flanking entryways to single specimens anchoring coffee tables, these curvy planters uplift interior and exterior spaces with greenery wherever placed. Their soft silhouettes provide pleasing diversity compared to straight-sided styles.

Flat Wicker Baskets for Every Space

Above all, don’t forget to enjoy how versatile flat wicker baskets can refresh your home’s style. These baskets provide affordable solutions wherever you need a design refresh.

Whether decorating walls, organizing towels, or adding plants, flat baskets let you uniquely express yourself. Their versatility works for indoor and outdoor areas throughout your home.

Most importantly, have fun exploring new ways to arrange baskets wherever you find inspiration. Get creative moving baskets around and filling them seasonally.

In the end, what truly matters is that classic wicker accents uplift your spaces. Their timeless charm elevates any room’s atmosphere.

Now get shopping so you can start planning fresh basket placements. You’ll love accessorizing each space with these must-have decorative pieces. Their flexibility keeps your whole house feeling refreshed.