Color Trends for Wicker Furniture in 2023

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Wicker furniture is a perennial favorite for outdoor spaces. As warmer weather approaches, many homeowners and businesses are starting to decorate their patios, decks, gardens, and outdoor seating areas. This year, the color trends for wicker furniture signal a lively and vibrant palette. Some of the most popular color trends for outdoor furniture in 2023 include light gray, off-white, taupe, jewel tones, and shades of blue, green, and yellow.

Light gray is a versatile and modern color that can complement various design styles. It has a calming and neutral appeal. Off-white is a timeless and elegant color that can create a fresh and clean look. Taupe is a warm and neutral hue that adds a touch of sophistication. Jewel tones like ruby red and peridot green make a bold statement and luxurious impression. Lastly, classic colors like blues, greens, and yellows infuse personality and energy into outdoor spaces.

  • Pastel shades remain on-trend
  • Earth tones stay staple favorites
  • Metallics and multicolored pieces are rising in popularity
  • Incorporate complementary hues into your outdoor oasis

Popular Colors for Wicker Furniture in 2023

As mentioned in the introduction, light gray, off-white, taupe, jewel tones and blues/greens/yellows are among the most popular color choices for wicker furniture this year.

Light blues and greens

Pastel shades of light blue and mint green create a relaxed and soothing vibe. They complement natural outdoor materials like wood and stone.

Browns and tans

Earthy tones like brown and tan never go out of style. They blend seamlessly into rustic, traditional, or modern design aesthetics.

Certain color pairings are forecast to be especially on-trend in 2023.

Gray and taupe

The neutral duo of light gray and taupe makes a chic statement. It works for contemporary settings.

Jewel tones and metallics

Bringing bold jewel tones like ruby together with metallic accents like brushed gold creates an elegant, glamorous effect.

Pastels and neons

Playful pastel blues/greens paired with pops of neon pink or yellow energize outdoor areas.

Incorporating Trends Into Your Space

Now that we covered popular individual colors and color combinations, here are some tips to incorporate these trends:

  • Choose 1-2 accent colors that complement your home’s exterior colors
  • Consider painting or staining existing wood pieces trending shades
  • Look for cushions, throws, and accessories in on-trend hues
  • Add metallic-toned planters, lanterns, or artwork
  • Consider blending trends by choosing a pastel furniture piece plus neon pillows

Are Metallics on the Rise?

Yes indeed, metallic accents are becoming more prominent in wicker furniture design. Some of the hottest metallic shades being used include:

Gold and silver – The classics never disappoint. Look for wicker accent pieces coated or trimmed in these luxe tones.

Brass – With its warm, vintage vibe, brass is perfect for creating a traditional or eclectic aesthetic. Find ways to work brass lanterns, knobs, or hardware into your space.

Rose gold – Offering a softer take on gold, blush rose tones impart a modern, glamorous feel. Rose gold can balance more neutral elements.

Copper – Evergreen copper feels organic and earthy. It pairs beautifully with greens. Hang planters, trays, or art in copper for rustic flair.

To incorporate metallics, consider swapping out boring knobs or handles on cabinets/furniture for shiny brass or gold replacements. You can also add decorative mirrors, trays, or vases in on-trend metallic shades.

Multicolored and Rainbow Designs

Another trend gaining momentum is wicker furniture with vibrant multicolored or rainbow motifs:

  • Ombre designs where colors fade gracefully from light to dark create an effortlessly stylish look. Blue or green ombres are especially on-trend.
  • Bright mosaic patterns infuse joy through combinations of neon corals, oranges, yellows, and pinks. They lift spirits on dreary days.
  • Marbled motifs featuring veins of different shades layered artistically also feel fresh and fun. Cream with navy marbling never gets old.

To work these playful designs in, look at area rugs, pillows, or poufs first before committing to full furniture pieces. They effortlessly tie all stylistic elements together.

Finalizing Your 2023 Wicker Color Scheme

By now you have a good idea of the top 2023 trends and how to blend different hues into an eye-catching yet cohesive outdoor oasis. A few final tips:

  • Create contrast while still maintaining flow. A light gray chair paired with a multi-colored striped ottoman for example.
  • Focus on 1-3 colors maximum to avoid visual clutter. Go bold with accent piece(s).
  • Have a mix of matte and shiny textures like wicker, metals, woods, and fabrics.
  • Consider your home exterior and personal style first before following trends too rigidly.
  • Make tweaks or full transformations as gradually as your budget allows.

To recap the major forecasted colors:

  • Pastels like light blues and greens
  • Earth tones such as browns and tans
  • Metallics in gold, silver, and more
  • Multicolored rainbow designs

So in summary, wicker trends in 2023 signal fun, vibrant energy through the use of on-trend hues. With these ideas in your back pocket, you’re ready to design an outdoor retreat perfectly suited to the warmer months ahead!