Christmas Ornament Displays with Wicker Baskets

Christmas Ornament with Wicker Baskets

As the holiday season draws near, many families anticipate the joy of decking their homes with festive decorative touches. While an ornately adorned Christmas tree often steals the show, there are plenty of other opportunities to feature cherished seasonal embellishments. One such option that infuses rustic appeal is crafting displays within woven wicker baskets.

Beyond simply housing ornaments, these hardy containers invite creativity by accommodating versatile presentation styles. Their neutral tones complement an array of decorative palettes too. Perhaps best of all, wicker’s renewable material keeps decor green by celebrating tradition in a sustainable way.

The Natural Elegance of Wicker

Wicker baskets are a classic decorative material that adds warmth and texture to any home. Their woven texture gives them an inherently rustic and natural appeal that fits perfectly with both traditional and modern holiday decorative styles.

Wicker is also an eco-friendly and sustainable choice for holiday decor as it is made from renewable plant materials like rattan, bamboo, or reed that do not cause harm to the environment. Using wicker for Christmas ornament displays helps promote a greener approach to decorating.

Christmas Ornament

Versatility and Variety

One of the biggest advantages of using wicker baskets for Christmas ornament displays is their immense versatility. Wicker baskets come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and weaving patterns to suit any style and space. You can find them tall and slim, short and wide, round, square, or rectangular in both muted natural tones and bold colors.

Their versatile forms allow for flexible ornament arrangement options from tight, packed displays to more open designs. This variety ensures you can find the perfect wicker basket to showcase your unique collection of Christmas ornaments.

Selecting the Right Wicker Basket

Size Matters

Consider the dimensions of your display area such as mantle, table, or shelf when selecting wicker baskets. Overly large baskets may overwhelm small surfaces while baskets that are too small won’t provide enough space for an impactful display.

Measure the area intended for your wicker basket ornament display and select baskets proportionate to the space. For built-in shelves or sideboards, opt for longer, shallower baskets while square coffee tables suit rounded baskets.

Weaving Styles and Patterns

Beyond size, the weave pattern and tightness of a basket’s weave impact how densely or openly you can arrange ornaments. Tightly woven baskets allow for very full, compact displays but limit individual ornament visibility.

More open, airy weaves offer fuller views of each ornament at the risk of some falling through larger gaps. Choose styles that suit how you want your ornaments to look—packed in together or spread out individually.

Christmas Ornament with Wicker Baskets

Ornament Arrangement

Will you group ornaments by color, size, or type? Consider loose or tightly packed? Display just a few statement pieces or fill the basket to the brim? Knowing your ornament arrangement style helps determine baskets with sufficient depth or more open, shallow styles.

Color Coordination

For a cohesive holiday home decor look, match your wicker basket to your other decorative elements through color. Complimentary baskets in shades that blend with your tree, garland, plates, or other accents tie the room together seamlessly. You can also use baskets as a colorful accent in black, white, or neutral spaces.

Contrasting pop baskets allow ornament displays to stand out brightly against other décor too. Monochromatic rows of baskets showcase their weaves by muting distracting hues. However you choose to blend or break from the overall palette, coordinating basket tones creates visual flow.

Themed Displays

Take your ornament presentation up a notch by crafting themed baskets coordinated with your favorite holiday movies, traditions, or interests. For example, a basket overflowing with shiny baubles for a Great Gatsby flair or full of nutcrackers, snowmen, and penguins for a winter woodland wonderland.

Fill baskets with all blue ornaments, candy canes, and tinsel for an under-the-sea scene. Be creative—let your imagination run wild! Themed baskets transform simple decor into an über-festive playful display.

DIY Christmas Ornament with Wicker Baskets

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Wicker baskets in assorted sizes
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Floral foam
  • Ribbon, twine, or garland
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • Hot glue gun

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Cut floral foam to fit the bottom of your wicker basket snugly but not too tight. Hot glue in place.
  2. Start arranging ornaments in baskets, working from the edges toward the middle. Use ribbon or garland to add extra color or texture.
  3. For a polished look, hot glue ribbon or garland in place as you go to prevent slipping.
  4. Experiment with ornament groupings of varying sizes, shapes, and colors for visual interest.
  5. Once complete, place baskets artfully around your home, stacked or in groupings on mantels, tables, built-ins, or outside!

Wicker Basket Centerpieces

Wicker Baskets centerpiece

Not limited to just walls and shelves, wicker baskets also make charming tabletop centerpieces. Fill oversized, tall baskets with glass ornaments, pinecones, and plush toys for a playful wintry feel.

Group mini wreaths, candles, and wrapped chocolates in a row of tapered baskets down the center of your dining table for beautiful place settings throughout the season.

Mantelpiece Magic

The mantel above a fireplace sets a dramatic stage for an inspired wicker basket display. Arrange baskets in steps ascending in size up the mantle for visual flow. Offset mirrored baskets holding shimmering glass balls for extra sparkle.

Add winterberry sprigs, faux snow, or pinecones for natural accents brought elegantly to life with the addition of woven textures. Transform an ordinary mantel into an enchanting piece of holiday art.

Outdoor Decorations with Wicker Baskets

Brighten entryways beyond walls with festive outdoor displays. Hang oversized ornament-filled baskets from covered porch beams or railings for a whimsical welcome.

Line walkways with coordinated daisy chain style mini baskets enlivened with ribbon and lights. Stack basket shelves by the front door to showcase seasonal statement pieces as guests arrive throughout the merry months.

Welcoming Front Porches

Magical porch ornaments displayed in wicker baskets offer curb appeal that invites all to partake in your holiday spirit. Attach wall pockets and use them to house balls, candles, pinecones, and small wreaths for cozy charm.

Group basket vignettes together on wide railings or weight-down baskets on porch floors. The sight of woven textures elevates any entry celebration from ho-hum to happily festive.

Garden and Patio Ornaments

Decorate garden accents and patio spaces with baskets for an enchanting outdoor experience. Moreover, hang full-basket mobiles or strands of mini buckets from trees and arbors.

Place ring-shaped baskets around tree bases filled with soft snow for a storybook forest feel under evening lights. Wicker basket decor outside extends seasonal magic and scenery anywhere you look indoors or out.

Maintenance and Storage

Caring for wicker baskets post-holiday involves gentle cleaning and safekeeping through the off-season. Dust woven pieces with a dry soft cloth and spot clean any stains with warm water if needed.

Allow all baskets to fully air dry before packing them away to prevent mold growth. Store stacked baskets in breathable muslin or burlap sacks in an accessible area for easy retrieval next November when decorative ideas begin to form again.

Keeping Ornaments Safe

For fragile breakables, nestle ornaments into cushioned wicker baskets lined with tissue paper or bubble wrap rather than tossing them loose into open containers. Consider tying bows or adding small hooks inside tightly woven carriers to hang lightweight ornaments safely in place.

Group heavier materials like faux snow, pinecones, and natural accents around more delicate glass spheres and baubles to provide extra protection from jostling and bumping during storage, transport, and display changes.

Off-season Storage

Once displays come down, continue using wicker baskets year-round as practical organizers through the spring, summer, and fall seasons too. Store seasonal linens, yard items, craft supplies, or more in your versatile basket collection.

Keep treasured woven pieces accessible on shelves or under beds for spontaneous organization needs throughout the rest of the calendar year as well as for next Christmas’ merry setup. Maximize multi-purpose basket functionality beyond December wonderlands alone.

Christmas Ornament

Embracing the Season with Wicker Basket Decor

Bringing the innate beauty and texture of wicker into your holiday displays through clever basket choices artfully enhances any home, inside and out, all season long. Their unmatched versatility inspires creative presentations of treasured ornaments from mantels to tables to gardens and more.

So don’t let another Christmas go by without tapping into the magic of wicker baskets to curate seasonally festive yet elegant ornament presentations throughout your festive abode! Embrace the magic of the season with displays that will add warmth and delight wherever your eye falls. Wicker baskets make it easy to spread holiday cheer in any space. Enjoy the season!

Additional Tips

  • For a more polished look, use floral foam or similar material to create a level base for your ornament arrangement.
  • If you’re using ribbon or garland, secure it with hot glue or floral wire to prevent it from slipping.
  • Consider the size and weight of your ornaments when selecting wicker baskets.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ornament arrangements and creative ideas. Have fun with it!