Choosing the Best Wicker Umbrella Stand for Your Entryway

wicker umbrella stand holder

Tired of wet items puddling by the door? A wicker umbrella stand solves storage and style. These versatile baskets keep umbrellas, shoes, and gloves up and out of the way. Their woven rattan, wicker, or bamboo allows everything to dry too!

In this guide, we’ll uncover top-stand options. Factors like size, material, and extras help you pick the perfect fit. Frequently asked questions on durability, assembly, and care get answered. By the end, you’ll select a welcoming stand for a tidy organization with coastal charm.

Wicker stands to provide premium outdoor storage near entries. Their airy weave dries dampness while nature’s texture brings warmth. This guide reveals top picks from reviews. Consider needs like capacity or height adjustment. Customer insights aid decisions on value and use. Finding fits function and design for welcoming comfort

  • Consider your unique entryway space and storage needs to determine the best size, shape, and capacity of a wicker umbrella stand.
  • Browse different materials like wicker, rattan, and bamboo to find the aesthetic that fits your home’s style. wo For durability, opt for tightly woven pieces.
  • Additional features like adjustable height, trays, pockets, or tiers allow you to best organize small items and keep surfaces dry.
  • Location is important – place stands inside near entryways or outside on covered porches and patios for coverage from weather.
  • Proper care and an occasional sealant application help protect natural materials from damage over time and maintain the stand’s appearance.
  • Customer reviews provide useful insight beyond just product specifications. Look for feedback on durability, assembly, and style fit.
  • There are affordable options available, so compare features to value when setting a budget. Check sizing accurately to avoid returns.

How Do Wicker Umbrella Stands Work?

Wicker umbrella stands work by providing an elevated holder or basket to store umbrellas and other small outdoor items off the floor. The woven wicker material allows air to flow through the basket to help dry wet or damp items like umbrellas. It also gives a natural rattan, woven, or bamboo aesthetic that adds visual interest and rustic charm to your entryway decor.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Wicker Umbrella Stand?

wicker umbrella stand

When browsing wicker umbrella stands, some key factors to consider include size, shape, material, and additional features:

Size & Shape – Consider the space you have available and how many items you need to store. Oval, round, and rectangle shapes in various diameters are common.

Material – Wicker, rattan, and bamboo are popular natural weave materials that are durable and sustainable. Steel frames provide sturdy bases.

Additional Features – Look for stands with tiers, trays, or pockets to organize small items. Adjustable height stands offer versatility. Water-catching trays help contain drips.

Design – Rustic, modern, and vintage styles allow you to pick one that fits your home’s aesthetic. Decorative handles or knobs add visual appeal.

Price – Affordability depends on material, size, and craftsmanship. Compare features to value when setting a budget.

By considering your unique needs and priorities regarding these factors, you can narrow down the best wicker umbrella stand option. Customer reviews also provide valuable insight.

Top Wicker Umbrella Stand Picks

Wicker Umbrella Stand

Here are some top-rated wicker umbrella stands worth looking at based on material, size, features, and customer reviews:

Rattan Umbrella Stand with Tray

Made of sturdy rattan that ages beautifully, this expandable oval stand comes with a bamboo tray and holds 2-4 umbrellas. Adjustable legs let you set the height and angle for optimal drainage. Great for porches.

Woven Wicker Umbrella Tree

Resembling a small tree, this decorative accessory stores 4-6 umbrellas in woven wicker baskets suspended from a steel frame. Adds visual appeal to entryways, foyers, or large outdoor spaces.

Wicker Umbrella Basket with Handles

Handwoven rattan basket offers dual handles for easy carrying. The water catch design keeps the entry floor dry. Fits 1-2 standard-size umbrellas. Compact size fits narrow spaces.

Bamboo Umbrella Rack

Sleek and modern, this floor rack holds 6-8 umbrellas by their handles with bamboo poles. Takes up minimal space, is portable, and keeps umbrellas organized off the ground.

Rattan Umbrella Side Table

This 3-tiered rattan side table displays 1 umbrella, has 2 baskets for small items, and 1 drawer. Doubles as stylish outdoor furniture. Maintains air circulation to help prevent mildew.

These are just a few top options to consider. Browse various materials, styles, sizes, and customer reviews to determine the best wicker umbrella stand for your unique needs.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are wicker umbrellas stands durable? Wicker is a sturdy and weather-resistant material when tightly woven that can last for years when properly cared for and maintained in covered areas when not in use.

How do I care for a wicker umbrella stand? Sweep or wipe down occasionally to remove dust. Allow to fully dry after rain exposure. Apply a sealant or protectant yearly to maintain the weave integrity and water resistance.

How many umbrellas can it hold? Capacity depends on size and design but most hold 1-6 standard-sized umbrellas. Measure your umbrellas and check product dimensions.

Where is best to place it? By entryways inside or out, on porches or patios, or in mudrooms/laundry rooms for easy outdoor gear access. Ensure sufficient drainage if outdoors.

How easy is it to assemble? Many arrive fully assembled, while some require minor setup of legs or tray attachments – usually within 15 minutes with basic tools.

Will it rust or stain? All-steel stands can rust over time in wet conditions without protection. Natural materials like wicker, rattan, and bamboo won’t rust but may absorb stains which protective sealants help prevent.

Does the style fit my home’s aesthetic? Browse the vast options to find rustic, modern, vintage, or transitional styles that complement your design. Natural woven textures blend in most entry designs.