Wicker Pet Beds: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Furry Friend

When it comes to pet beds, wicker has risen as a popular choice material due to its breathability, durability, and stylish aesthetic. As any pet owner knows, finding the right bed is key to keeping furry family members comfortable and cool. Did you know that over 75% of pets sleep outside their recommended bed size?

Wicker’s open weave construction allows ample airflow — a big advantage over plush fabrics which can trap heat. This makes wicker beds a soothing sleeping spot whether indoors or out. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top-rated wicker bed options and what separates the best from the rest. Factors like size, features, and materials will be examined to help you select the perfectly fitting “wicker pet bed” for your pet’s needs and your home’s decor.

Best Wicker Pet Beds

We have thoroughly researched and tested various wicker pet beds sold on Amazon to identify the top options available. Not only are wicker pet beds stylish and provide a cozy sleeping space, but Amazon offers a wide selection of best-selling brands. After careful review, we’ve highlighted the highest-rated wicker pet beds that deliver both comfort and durability. As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon ensures reliable customer service, fast shipping, and easy returns. Customers can feel confident making a purchase for their furry friend.

Below is our roundup of the best wicker pet beds currently available on Amazon. Each listing includes ratings, prices, and a brief overview of features. We considered durability, sizing, cushioning levels, and customer satisfaction in our recommendations. Take a look at our picks to find the perfect fit for your pet!

D+GARDEN Wicker Cat Bed Dome


  • The elegant dome design adds visual appeal to any home decor
  • Durable PE wicker and cushion construction for a long lifespan
  • Spacious 13-inch entrance encourages play and interaction
  • Flexible indoor/outdoor placement locations
  • Easy to clean by hosing or wiping debris
  • Multiple cats can share the bed for cost-efficiency


  • Recommended for indoor use only to maintain appearance
  • Limited to small/medium cats up to 16 lbs in size
  • Some assembly required upon delivery
  • Only available in natural color option
    Not suitable for extreme outdoor weather
  • Possible mild initial odor that dissipates

The domed shape and dimensions provide cats freedom of movement inside. Multiple entrance points allow comfortable ingress and egress. The breathable materials keep cats cool and comfortable whether indoors or out. Together, these attributes create a secure, inviting sleep space for cats.

VETRESKA Rattan Cat and Dog Bed


  • Stylish design complements various home decor styles
  • Durable and sustainable rattan construction is eco-friendly
  • Soft, breathable materials and included cushion provide pets comfort
  • Lightweight and portable for flexible indoor/outdoor placement
  • Removable cushion and wipe-clean wicker make cleaning easy
  • Highly rated by customers for pets’ comfort and support
  • Straightforward assembly requires minimal effort


  • Upfront cost may be considered expensive compared to some beds
  • Size suitability depends on pet(s) – may not work for large breeds
  • Tangerine color won’t match all interior styles or aesthetics
  • Durability could vary based on the level of use over long periods
  • Limited stock availability could pose issues for some buyers

VETRESKA Rattan Cat and Dog Bed presents an attractive portable design through its color pop and woven textiles. Comfort and care are also maximized via its cozy cushioning and low maintenance needs. This makes it a suitable pet bed choice for indoor or outdoor use.

Sumdeal 20.5 inches Rattan Cat House with Cushion


  • Stylish rattan construction looks attractive and complements home decor
  • Durable material ensures lastingness against scratches and bites
  • Breathable rattan allows proper airflow for ventilation
  • Textured ropes offer a suitable surface for natural scratching
  • Stable tripod base prevents tipping for safety
  • Elevated design regulates interior temperature for comfort
  • Semi-open spaces provide room for stretching and exercise
  • Easy access hood simplifies routine cleaning
  • Included cushion offers soft support for naps


  • Higher priced than some basic cat beds available
  • Some assembly of legs is required after delivery
  • Occupies more floor space than enclosed options
  • Only suitable for smaller and medium-sized felines
  • Limited primarily to brownish tones that won’t suit all styles
  • Mesh walls lack full enclosure for cats that prefer privacy

Sumdeal Rattan Cat House thoughtfully combines design attractiveness with robust functionality. Its breathable construction aims to keep cats comfortable while directing energy into appropriate scratching. Quality materials also help maintain the piece as a multi-season decorative addition for any home.

Teamson Pets Neith Wicker Seagrass Pet Cat or Small Dog


  • Stylish raised platform style provides visual appeal
  • Natural woven materials integrate seamlessly in homes
  • Durable wicker and seagrass frame built to withstand daily use
  • Smooth woven surface feels soft without irritating delicate paws
  • Daybed and perch functionality in one convenient design
  • Cotton cushion adds plush comfort for indoor naps or outdoor lounging


  • Some cats may feel uneasy on high platforms at first
  • Thin cushion lacks the fullness of memory foam padding
  • Small dogs over 15 lbs won’t fit comfortably
  • Limited color options won’t match all interiors
  • Higher priced than basic dog beds

Overall, the Teamson Neith pet bed presents an aesthetically-pleasing furnishing through its versatile elevated style. Quality materials also promote sturdiness. While not ideal for all cats or large breeds, it offers dual functionality as both cozy housing and play lookout in a decor-blendable form.

Buying the Best Wicker Pet Bed in 2023

Finding a pet bed that’s both stylish and comfortable can seem overwhelming with so many options. This buying guide evaluates top-rated wicker beds to identify the best selection based on your pet’s needs.

Consider Your Pet’s Size

Measure your cat or small dog before shopping. Popular Teamson Pets and PetFusion beds suit pets under 15 lbs but larger cats/dogs may feel cramped. Measurements are provided so don’t guess!

Inspect Build Quality

Durable PawHut and PetFusion frames last years with minimal warping. Check reviews for issues. Woven materials like MidWest’s seagrass feel plush without prickles. Removable covers simplify washing.

Factor in Decor

Many wicker styles complement living rooms and bedrooms. PetFusion offers multiple colors while Teamson suits natural aesthetics. Choose what blends discreetly in your home.

Consider Price

Affordable bamboo and cotton fill lower priced beds under $50. For maximum comfort, plush memory foam tops exceed $100 yet provide value over the pet’s lifetime.

Assess Ease of Care

All recommended beds here feature removable, machine-washable covers. However, solid wood constructions like PawHut may require gentle hand-wiping between washes.

With these key criteria in mind, buyers can narrow their options to find the right sleep solution tailored to their pet’s preferences. Quality wicker is both attractive homes and delivers years of relaxation to our furry friends.