How to Use Baskets in Any Home Decor Style

Baskets in Any Home Decor Style

Baskets are an invaluable yet adaptable home accessory that comes in a wide variety of materials, sizes, and styles. They function not only as practical storage vessels but also as sculptural design elements that enhance any space. Common basket options include wicker, crochet, woven rattan, jute, metal, and more – each with its distinguishing characteristics.

Many homeowners struggle with cluttered living areas lacking functional yet visually pleasing storage. As a solution, baskets can cleverly corral belongings while introducing natural textures, hues, and visual interest. By exploring complementary basket types and suggested placement within different design aesthetics, homeowners can tap into the multi-purpose and decorative nature of baskets.

  • Wicker and rattan baskets suit most decor styles and provide durable lightweight storage. Perfect for the living room, bedroom, or entryway.
  •  Crochet baskets add cozy texture and are ideal decorative accent pieces. Great for the living room, bedroom, or bathroom.
  •  Metal wire baskets withstand heavy items and suit industrial settings. Excellent for the kitchen, garage, or outdoor areas.
  •  Jute and sisal baskets bring a natural charm and withstand the weather. Appropriate for the kitchen, outdoor use, or garage.
  •  Baskets can store a variety of items from clutter to bed linens to pet supplies depending on the room.
  •  Incorporate baskets in graduated sizes, sets, or groups for visual appeal.
  •  Consider baskets that serve dual purposes like seating, plant stands, or shelving.

Popular Basket Types

When choosing baskets for different home decor styles, selecting the right basket material is important for harmonizing with the overall aesthetic and vibe of a space. An understanding of popular basket options can help homeowners match complementary pieces to their unique interior design.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are a top basket choice due to their versatile uses and natural aesthetic. Made from woven rattan, wood strips, or reeds, wicker baskets provide a soft, flexible texture that looks elegant in most home environments. Their durable construction makes them suitable for light to medium-weight items like blankets or toys. Regular dusting and gentle wiping keep wicker baskets looking their best.

Wicker comes in various colors to complement any decor. Natural tones blend into rustic or beach environments, while woven baskets featuring stripes or geometric patterns add visual interest. Baskets with solid-colored piping along the rim make bold accents. For a cottage flair, choose baskets sporting floral designs. No matter the style, wicker’s appeal lies in its natural texture.

Crochet Baskets

Crochet baskets crafted from colorful yarn offer a cozy, textured option. Though less durable than wicker baskets due to their knotted construction, crochet baskets add warmth and charm when displayed. Lightly vacuum as needed to keep their softer material clean.

Crochet comes in an array of yarn types from cotton blends to wool. Finngerwoven styles produce intricate textures, while bulky yarns yield thickly knotted designs. Basket shapes range from round to oblong, with or without flat bottoms and handles. Brightly hued crochet makes a statement piece amongst solid-colored decor or unpainted wood pieces.

Metal Wire Baskets

The modern simplicity of metal wire baskets provides durability and versatility. Woven from steel, these baskets have a smooth, hard surface ideal for withstanding heavier weights like pet supplies or gardening tools. Metal wire baskets can last for years with regular wipe-downs.

Metal wire weaves exist in diverse patterns from tight grid formats to open linear styles. Baskets with framed edges or rounded corners integrate aesthetically. For functional uses, choose wide, shallow units for stacking or narrower depths with handles. Accentuate industrial spaces with galvanized or bronze tones or select black or brushed nickel for contemporary areas.

Rattan Baskets

Similar to wicker but with a more delicate appearance, rattan baskets are woven from reed-like rattan vines. Their soft texture makes them an attractive choice for feminine or bohemian-inspired spaces. Rattan handles dirt and grime well with periodic dusting.

Rattan arrives in a spectrum of shades from straw blonde to espresso brown. Intertwining vines create a loose natural weave versus a tighter plait. Basket shapes can be round, oval, square, or rectangular. For decorative flair, opt for rattan styles sporting raffia trim or leather accents. Their muted earth tones meld with coastal, global, or eclectic decors.

Jute/Sisal Baskets

Jute and sisal baskets are earthy, natural options. Woven from plant fibers, their intertwined texture gives visual interest. Ideal for organizing scout items or beach gear, jute baskets stand up well to outdoor elements with occasional sweeping.

Coarse jute baskets have a rugged texture, while softer sisal resembles seagrass. Choose natural fiber tones like tan, gray, or green for coastal or outdoor living areas. Durable styles come in shapes like garlands or slouchy totes made to withstand rain and sand. Their bohemian spirit is reflected within eclectic interiors, while hardier versions aid industrial, farmhouse or cabin feels.

Basket Comparison Table

Basket TypeMaterialTextureDurabilityWeight CapacityCare Instructions
WickerRattan, wood stripsSoft, flexibleDurableLight-MediumRegular dusting, wipe with a damp cloth
CrochetYarnSoft, texturedLess durableLightVacuum lightly as needed
Metal wireSteelSmooth, hardVery durableMedium-HeavyWipe with a damp cloth

Incorporating Baskets into Various Home Decor Styles

Baskets are an accessory that can be seamlessly incorporated into many home decor styles. Choosing baskets made from the appropriate materials helps tie the overall look and feel of a space together. Understanding popular basket options and how their material qualities align with signature aesthetics can aid homeowners in selecting pieces to reflect their interiors.

Scandinavian Style

In Scandinavian spaces, wicker and rattan baskets provide a natural accompaniment to light woods and muted colors. Their subtle woven texture contrasts the room’s clean lines without cluttering. Placement options include placing baskets in sets of three or more staggered heights on open shelving or displaying one large decorative basket, like an oval form, alone on a buffet or credenza.

Rustic Style

When incorporating baskets into rustic spaces, jute, and sisal baskets pair nicely with elements like antique furniture or cabin decor. Similarly, their worn appearance conveys a cozy look. Cluster woven baskets on rustic console tables flanking the front entryway to corral seasonal decor. As another option, hang jute garlands from post to post on porches or patios to provide organized storage.

Industrial or Vintage Style

For industrial or retro environments, the wireframe design of metal wire baskets suits the aesthetic well. Stack galvanized wire baskets on open shelves where their grid formation creates a pleasing visual. Additionally, scatter-matching wire cube baskets filled with supplies across a vintage desk. Smaller rectangular styles can also be hung from pipes or beams to showcase found art or mementos.

Modern Style

When styling modern spaces, pair slender rattan baskets with frosted glass and steel accents for polish. Nest smaller baskets inside taller units to showcase multiple sizes together. As an alternative, slot one narrow basket between pillows to add tactile texture to the sectional. Woven plastic or synthetic baskets mimicking natural textures also work well near kitchen islands or powder rooms due to ease of cleaning.

Bohemian Style

For bohemian decor, brightly painted crochet baskets align with the vibrant vibes. Cluster graduated sizes on flanking side tables. Additionally, weave jute strings through handles to hang baskets as privacy screens on glass doors. More baskets can highlight woven textures when hung from nails displaying pouches or purses.

Coastal Style

Seagrass baskets are right at home in coastal interiors where their beachy appearance complements nautical elements like shells, driftwood, and coral accents. Try displaying stackable seagrass hampers in a bedroom organized by use, such as laundry, and accessories. For an entryway, lay out an oversized natural seagrass tote basket filled with linens as a catchall. Woven seagrass accessories like trays and trinket boxes can bring the style into living areas too.

Traditional Style

When bringing baskets into traditional settings, cane or rattan styles blend in seamlessly. Place trio rattan organizing baskets atop a deep credenza to hold seasonal serving pieces. Alternatively, line oval baskets up against the walls in a foyer as decorative storage for bills, and mail. You can also organize living spaces by stacking bin baskets inside furniture like console tables or credenzas to contain clutter and accessories efficiently out of sight.

Southwestern Style

For southwestern-inspired spaces, handwoven willow baskets bring the desired earthy flair. Place a vertically oval basket against the ledge of a fireplace to hold candles, decorative shells, or folding fans. As another option, coordinate storage with décor by matching colored baskets to throw pillows on a bench at the end of a bed. Woven storage baskets can also discreetly contain linens in bright southwestern patterns inside walk-in closets.

Choosing Baskets Based on Room Type

The variety of basket materials and styles allows for diverse decorating applications depending on the room. Moving forward, considerations for selecting complementary basket options tailored to specific living areas will be explored. Appropriate basket placements catering to different room functions and aesthetics can optimize storage while enhancing the visual flow.

Living Room

Flat, round baskets supporting magazines denote convenient table placement. Keep remotes corralled inside stacked rattan cubes with lids. Set baskets with plant hangers under windows to accessorize greenery displays. For floor space, nest partitions or quilted baskets inside each other.


Stack rectangular baskets vertically inside an upholstered bed frame’s footboard for hidden storage. Roomy rectangular baskets preserve order in walk-in closets. Place cotton-lined baskets alongside benches at the end of beds to hold neatly folded throws.


Line wicker baskets with towels and arrange them on the floor under wall-mounted sinks for multipurpose storage. Roll woven wastebaskets into corners behind toilets. Hang delicate mesh purses on hooks to stash cotton balls and swabs.


Vented woven baskets of corral fruit on countertops. Slide pot lids inside tall, narrow metal baskets situated in pantries. Store recyclables together temporarily in galvanized wire baskets under sinks. Spot canned goods inside jute carrier totes kept by the fridge.


Knot rectangular mail baskets on the inside of front doors. Welcome guests beside consoles topped with stacked baskets holding seasonal blooms. Hang woven garlands or purse baskets from picture ledges to display keys and cards.

Garage/Outdoor Space

Segment garden tools inside durable jute baskets with reinforced bottoms by shed doorways. Stack patio chairs atop jute mat baskets for protected storage. Corral beach equipment inside outdoor cotton rope baskets secured under eaves.

As you can see, baskets provide countless styling solutions to suit diverse design aesthetics from contemporary to classic. Start browsing your local home stores, craft markets, or online shops to curate a collection of baskets in a variety of textures, materials, shapes, and sizes. Then get creative placing them throughout your home to optimize function and visually enhance each room’s unique vibe. With some styling intuition, baskets can tie an interior together seamlessly.