Add Style and Storage with a Wicker Basket Above Your Toilet Tank

wicker basket on a toilet tank

Tired of digging through a messy pile of supplies every time you need more toilet paper? If organizing your bathroom feels like an endless battle, I have a simple solution that will change everything – the wicker basket above your toilet.

Far too often, homeowners forget about the untapped storage potential located just above the toilet tank. But a stylish wicker basket perched in this neglected vertical space is the key to finally taming bathroom clutter. In this guide, I will reveal the hidden benefits of the wicker basket above your toilet.

We’ve all been there – frustratedly rummaging through a disorganized jumble just to find a new bar of soap. But imagine having a dedicated storage hub that keeps supplies neatly tucked away while elevating your bathroom’s look. A wicker basket is the elegant, space-saving answer.

By learning my tips for selecting the perfect basket, installation, and care, you’ll say goodbye to bathroom chaos for good. I’ll also share my best ideas for fully utilizing this overlooked area. Finally, make the most of your tight bathroom storage once you discover the simple solution hiding above the toilet tank – the mighty wicker basket!

The Benefits of a Wicker Basket Above the Toilet Tank

Wicker baskets provide several advantages for your bathroom:

Extra Storage Space: Precious real estate above the toilet tank can be utilized to hold toilet paper, towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. This keeps items convenient while reducing clutter.

Space Saving Design: Because it takes advantage of vertical space rather than floor space, a wicker basket is ideal even for small bathrooms. No square footage is sacrificed.

Stylish Flair: With many styles, from traditional to modern, you’re sure to find a basket that complements your bathroom’s visual scheme. Wicker adds natural texture and warming aesthetics.

Budget Friendly: Wicker baskets are affordably priced, so you can elevate your bathroom’s look without breaking the bank. Their bamboo-like material also gives an air of luxury.

Durable Functionality: Properly cared for, high-quality wicker can last for years. It’s strong enough to hold essentials without putting unwanted pressure on the toilet itself.

Choosing the Right Wicker Basket

wicker basket on a toilet tank

When selecting a basket, consider these factors:

Size and Shape

When considering the size and shape of the basket, be sure to measure the dimensions of your toilet tank to ensure the basket will fit properly without being too tight or loose. You’ll want enough space around the edges for easy retrieval of items. As for shape, consider if your tank is more rounded, square, or oval for the best fit.


Evaluate your bathroom’s aesthetics and choose a basket with a style that complements the tones, textures, and details already in the space. Traditional, modern, and natural looks are commonly found. Consider accessories or backsplash features when selecting tonewood finishes.


Inspect basket construction closely, making sure the material quality feels dense and tightly woven. Reinforced stitching, especially around handles, prevents premature wear from heavy use. Sealed wood resists water damage better than unprotected styles.

Ease of Care

Baskets with an easy-remove liner or barrier protection beneath simplify cleaning. Avoid ornate designs with intricate gaps that collect grime. Handles on both short sides allow one-handed grabbing of supplies.


Wicker comes in a wide price range. Evaluate your needs, including expected lifespan, to determine a cost that provides proper value without going over budget. Affordable styles can still integrate well.

By accounting for these additional factors during selection, you’ll end up with the ideal basket to serve your bathroom’s storage demands beautifully for years to come. Proper evaluation leads to maximum usefulness.

Considering Color For Wicker Basket Above the Toilet Tank

wicker basket on a toilet tank

In addition to size, shape, and construction material, the color of the wicker basket should coordinate well with your bathroom’s existing tones and palette. Common options include:

  • Natural: An earthy, tan hue that reads as a neutral fit in most spaces. Natural blends in but still adds visual interest.
  • White: A crisp, bright shade suitable for bathrooms with lighter tiles, furnishings, or an airy coastal vibe. White acts as a canvas for decorative accents too.
  • Brown: Warm chocolate or espresso brown serve bathrooms with wood accents or a rustic, country-style aesthetic. Pairs well with terra cotta or pottery pieces too.
  • Black: Sleek and modern, black works for ultra-contemporary black and white bathrooms especially. It stands out dramatically against light surfaces too.
  • Gray: Versatile charcoal or lighter dove gray pleases bathrooms with gray, tan, or light blue accents. Timeless gray coordinates with various design motifs.
  • Painted: Some wicker baskets offer the option to add customized painted designs or colors as an alternative to natural shades. This allows uniquely matching any hue.

Choosing a basket color complementary to your bathroom’s existing tones prevents clashing, ties the space together visually, and creates a cohesive look that feels professionally styled. Matching the right shade maximizes the basket’s curb appeal and usefulness. 

What to Store in the Basket

Maximize storage potential by keeping these items on hand:

Toilet Paper: An obvious choice that helps prevent running out mid-use.

Towels: Extra bath sheets, hand towels, and washcloths are stylishly stored for guests.

Toiletries: Sample-sized soaps, lotions, and shampoos keep your toiletries well-stocked.

Cleaning Supplies: All-purpose cleaners, toilet brushes, dusters, and more are within easy reach.

Decor: Fresh flowers, candles, books, or framed photos add a personalized touch.

How to Install a Wicker Basket Above Your Toilet Tank

Here are some additional tips for installing a wicker basket above your toilet:

Measure First

Whether placing directly on the tank or using a shelf, take accurate measurements of the tank dimensions as well as the basket size to ensure a proper fit. Careful pre-installation assessment prevents installation issues.

Level Placement

For flat-topped tanks, center the basket and check that all four corners sit evenly on the surface using a leveling tool. Slight adjustments may be needed to achieve a stable position.

Secure Shelf Installation

If using a shelf or bracket, always follow manufacturer instructions for proper securement method using appropriate hardware. Test for stability before adding the weight of the filled basket. Wall-mounted brackets require ensuring the structure can accommodate added pounds.

Recheck for Wobble

After positioning the basket, do a wobble test by gently shaking it from side to side and front to back. Adjust placement accordingly until absolutely stable before adding contents. A loose basket risks damage or tank scratches.

Avoid Blocking Ventilation

Make sure installation above or near the tank does not obstruct any required airflow vents. Some fixtures require unblocked ventilation for optimal flushing.

By carefully measuring, leveling, or securing additions, installers can confidently place the basket without compromising the toilet or facing messy removals later on. Proper installation is key for safety, functionality, and longevity of use.

Properly Caring for Your Wicker Basket

Wicker Basket Above Toilet Tank

A wicker basket is a versatile bathroom storage solution when cared for correctly. Small steps can extend the life of your basket and keep it looking fresh.

Use a Liner

For extra protection against moisture, place a waterproof liner inside the basket. Plastic or fabric liners shield against dirt and spills that may damage the wicker material over time.

Handle With Care

Wicker can become fragile if overloaded regularly. Avoid cramming in too many heavy items like multi-packs of toilet paper or sturdy cleaning solvent bottles. Distribute weight evenly if possible.

Dust Frequently

Dust or wipe down the exterior basket surface once a week to remove debris. Use a microfiber cloth for light dusting. Vacuum any tight spaces or crevices for thorough cleaning.

Spot Clean Spills ASAP

If liquid ever splashes onto the basket, immediately blot it dry with a clean towel. Allowing moisture to soak in can cause warping, discoloration, or mold growth. Similarly, wipe away soap scum or hard water deposits before they set in.

Dry Completely

After any cleaning incident, allow the wicker material to air dry fully before returning items or reinstalling the basket. Rapid drying prevents future issues. Prop it open in direct sunlight if possible.

Periodic Deep Cleaning

For a deeper clean every few months, consider hand washing the entire basket with a mild soap and water mixture. Rinse thoroughly and let dry completely away from direct heat sources like radiators.

Storage in Off-Season

When not in bathroom use, store the empty basket in a dry, covered area away from basement damp or attic heat that could compromise its integrity long term. Proper long-term storage extends its lifespan.

By maintaining regular dusting, swift spill response, and periodic deep cleans, you can keep your wicker basket looking—and functioning—its best for bathroom storage solutions. Small efforts go a long way to preventing issues down the road.