20 Creative Ideas for Decorating with Wicker Baskets

A vignette styled shot of a basket arrangement

Feeling like your home décor has gotten stale? Wicker baskets can give your spaces a quick and affordable refresh! These woven containers have versatility that may surprise you.

Baskets come in endless shapes, sizes, and materials. Their textured weave makes them ideal for storing and displaying items beautifully. Best of all, baskets take up minimal space while making a big visual impact.

In this guide, we’ll uncover over 20 clever ways to incorporate baskets throughout your home. From organizing clutter to accenting mantle displays, baskets breathe new life into rooms effortlessly. We’ll also share ideas for swapping out seasonal content to keep décor feeling fresh.

By the end, you’ll be inspired to find places for baskets all over your living areas thoughtfully. Your walls, shelves, and furniture will gain depth and charm thanks to the baskets’ chameleon-like nature. Discover how these humble wicker containers can become your home’s new MVPs!

Are you ready to unlock the hidden potential of baskets? Let’s explore simple ways to uplift your spaces with these woven wonders.

coffee table ideas for wicker basket

1. Coffee Table Centerpiece

A woven basket filled with books tied with twine, candles nestled in seashells, or a terrarium of air plants provides visual interest and supplementary storage. Opt for a natural fiber basket to complement wooden surfaces. For seasonal transitions, refresh contents like replacing summer fruits with gourds and pinecones in fall.

2. Entryway Storage

Clustering small baskets hung at varying heights makes shoes, gloves, and umbrellas easy to access. Burlap or jute add country charm near the door. A large seagrass basket holds umbrellas, while a label-customizable cedar storage bin keeps keys and mail organized. Rotate items seasonally—store sun hats instead of snow gear in summer.

3. Guest Bedroom Amenities

Roll towels, group soaps or arrange lavender sachets artfully in baskets lining shelves. Mix natural fiber textures like rattan, seagrass, and water hyacinth. Mini macrame or fabric pouches keep earplugs, and chargers neat for each guest. Refillable water bottles, mints, or local magazines provide welcome comfort.

4. Living Room Display

A towering willow basket focal point invites conversation. Fill with seasonal flowers, gourds, or pinecones and trim with velvet ribbon. For lowlight areas under stairs or behind furniture, nestle candles, books, and throws in baskets with chenille scarves trailing purposely over edges.

living room display ideas for wicker basket

5. Wall Art Gallery

Arrangement patterns from formal grids to casual clusters elevate empty walls. Wood-rimmed seagrass baskets, rattan planters, and grass baskets offer organic appeal. Tie twigs, moss, or dried florals spilling from baskets for natural texture. Rotate contents to match holidays, and host additional small art inside baskets. Does expanding on a few ideas help spark further creativity? Let me know your thoughts or other topics to cover.

6. Mantel Decoration

A mantel sets the tone for any room. Showcase baskets of varying textures, shapes, and sizes stacked or grouped across the width. Change up fill items with the seasons – hydrangeas and baby’s breath in summer, pinecones and berries in winter. Add dimension by layering baskets of different heights, woven macramé hanging planters, or draping faux fur birch logs over the edges.

7. Table Centerpieces

Baskets at varying heights and textures clustered together make dramatic centerpieces for any meal. Fill with seasonal produce, florals, greens, or decor to compliment the menu or occasion. For Easter brunch, scatter pastel eggs, grass, and Pomander balls in whispy seagrass baskets. Thanksgiving lends itself to gourds, corn, and wheatgrass overflowing from a wooden basket. Garland-wrapped baskets of pinecones and holly berries set a festive winter tone.

centerpieces ideas for wicker basket

8. Patio Planters

Wicker baskets hold trailing vines, whisk ferns, or succulents in glazed ceramic or rattan materials suited for outdoor display. Hang basket planters from hooks or railing for quickening transformations. The group in threes or more trailing succulents from a wooden half barrel for a low-maintenance look. Refresh with seasonal flowers like petunias, mums, or pansies.

9. Wall Art Gallery

For high-traffic areas, consider removable wallpaper panels framed with rope outlines. Fill sections with themed baskets like woven textures with dried florals, nautical jute stuffed with shells, or rattan lined with faux books. Change displays monthly for visual appeal. Anchor sturdy macrame hangers holding plant-filled baskets along style-consistent walls.

10. Laundry Organization

Theming baskets keep like items corralled. For example, designate giant seagrass baskets for darks and whites, and woven willow for towels and linens. A Riveria stripehamper holds dog beds, toys, and pet supplies. Turn an old mail cart into an on-trend mobile station stocking detergent, bleach, and dryer balls organizing space.

bathroom ideas for wicker basket

11. Bathroom Storage

Keep countertops clutter-free with woven baskets for essentials. A rattan tray stores toothbrushes and floss and small ceramic bowls hold cotton balls and Q-tips. Group shelf baskets by task – skincare, hair tools, bath bombs, and gifts. Change agents monthly by refilling with seasonal soaps, candles, or lotions.

12. Office Supplies

Give a desk upgrade using baskets to corral stationery and accessories in defined zones. A jute basket holds paperclips, staples, and pens. Offload cables and chargers into a macrame hanging organizer. Keep notepads, planners, and bookmarks tidy inside the wicker basket on the filing cabinet.

wicker basket for office supplies

13. Bedside Basics

Maximize tightly spaced nightstands by giving each a designated basket. Store currently reading books, night creams, glasses, and remotes within easy reach. Changebaskets’ contents come weekend reading or new hobbies emerge. Add visual interest by mixing materials like rattan above and grass below.

14. Child’s Play Area

Rotate clusters of cars, dolls, and blocks into smart storage using bins calibrated to attention spans. Seagrass baskets by development stage store shape sorters, picture books, or transport snack sets neatly. Macrame hanging pockets host crayons, markers, and Playmobil people.

15. Craft Workshop

Keep varied materials and works-in-progress organized portably using baskets lined with fabric scraps or felted inserts. Labeled baskets designate knitting needles, beading wire, and sewing patterns and toolkits. Stack crates or file finished pieces inside baskets lining shelves pristine for gift-giving inspiration.

16. Kitchen Storage

Baskets are perfect for holding pantry staples, baking supplies, and small appliances. A large rattan basket corrals bulk items like flour, sugar, and oats. Woven willow baskets organize spices on the counter or shelf. Store lids, baking pans, and pizza cutters neatly in a picnic basket-style container under the sink.

wicker basket for kitchen storage

17. Bathroom Vanity

Keep cotton balls, swabs, floss picks, and other toiletries tidy and visible in a woven basket on the vanity. Change the contents seasonally – aromatic bath bombs and lotions in winter, hair ties, and face mists in summer. A basket prevents countertop clutter.

18. Outdoor Entertaining

Filled with charcuterie, bread, or fresh veggies, baskets make beautiful portable serving pieces. Runners or trivets inside protect surfaces from condensation. Gather blankets, throws, and s’more supplies in willow picnic baskets for outdoor movies.

19. Pet Supplies

Food, bowls, and toys for furry family members stay corralled inside baskets designated for each pet. Rattan and jute durable options that can withstand clawing/chewing. Rotate toys to encourage engagement.

20. Basement/Utility Room

Keep cleaning supplies, hardware, and hobby items organized portably on shelving using wicker baskets with secure lids. Clearly label baskets to maximize this often disorganized space.